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Duong Dong Pte Ltd - Hanoi - Vietnam

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Duong Dong Printing Pte Ltd is currently located on an area of 11,000 sqm, Phung province, Hanoi, Vietnam. Front gate facing provincial road No. 47. The road is currently 15 meter wide (planned be upgraded to 45 meter wide in the future). The land is 20 km to the west of Hanoi, along national highway No 32.

Land is 150m (length) x 75m (width facing road 47). Infrastructure has been completed in phase 1 development with total 2000 sqm warehouses (3 buildings). Internal road is 10m wide. Water supply and power are available. There is a pond for fire fighting and environmental purpose.

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3500 meter square for sales or rent

Brief info

  • Located in Phung , west of Hanoi
  • 20 km away from Hanoi center, along National highway No 32
  • 130 km from Hai Phong - Cai Lan seaport
  • Full utilities
  • Part of land/ warehouse or whole area can be considered for sales / rent
  • Remaining term: 25 years (approx)
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