Yellow Ducks

May 3-6

Ducks love their Mommies!

This week, we talked about Mother's Day and why we love our moms. We were so glad that so many of you could come to our Teas...Thank you! We have finished going through the alphabet; so for the next few weeks, we plan to review A-Z. Our nursery rhyme for May is "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" as we continue to talk about Spring and how things are growing all around us...(including Yellow Ducks!) : )

" I love her & she loves me & MOMMY is her name, oh! M-O-M-M-Y..."

Important Dates & Reminders:

May 25: Last day of school; NOON Dismissal-School-wide Picnic on the playgrounds

June 13: Summer Camp begins

June 19: Father's Day