Hassert Homeroom News

May 22, 2015

So much to do, so little time!

Tuesday, May 26 Bring a cold lunch

Our lunch will be cut short a little by downstairs 3rd grade visitors, so a cold lunch would be the best bet for our upstairs kids!

Wednesday, May 27 3rd Graders' Tour: No A La Carte at Lunch

We will be hosting 3rd grade visitors, who cannot purchase a la carte items, so it would be polite for us not to do so, either.

Monday, June 1: Caine's Arcade (2- 2:30)

  • Games are free to play - pay $.50 to play for a prize

  • Concessions sold (popsicles, drinks, snacks)

  • All money made will be donated to the Pewaukee Water Program that works with sixth grade each year

Tuesday, June 2 (12:30-2) Library Field Trip

Wednesday, June 3 Talent Show/Teach-a-Skill Day

Our class will enjoy a day of sharing talents or teaching a skill. (Singing? Soccer skills? Magic tricks? Teaching the class a new math skill? It's up to you!)

Thursday, June 4 (11:10-3) Village Park Field Trip Bring your bag lunch for our picnic - Parents welcome!

We are wrapping up Unit 7 on fraction/decimals and completing a project based unit on measurement and geometric shapes.


Reading response journals and book club books must be completed by Wednesday, May 27. The kids are working on book projects in class. Please make daily reading over the summer a priority. I know how easy it is to make that an intention, but those who follow through will find themselves with a much stronger start to 5th grade.


Each student has been given a blank book. What great ideas these authors have! There are sports books, fantasy stories, historical fiction and much more in progress. It is fun to see the enthusiasm for writing this late in the year!


The 50 states identification test will take place on Friday, May 29th. A study map was sent home, however, the numbers will not be the same, so students need to make sure that they are focusing on recocognizing state location rather than state number. Find an online study game at this link.

Online Multiplication Fact Practice

Below are links to some online resources for multiplication games and practice...
Multiplication.com - quizzes, games, printables, etc. (check out the tabs)
Fun 4 the Brain - practice games where right answers lead you to design fashions for the zombie prom, create an underwater creature, and more
Academic Skill Builders - Grand Prix racing game (Okay, I got hooked on this one!)

Interviews Turned to Poetry

We had a wonderful celebration this week as our volunteers returned to hear the poetry that the kids wrote about childhood of the past. We enjoyed a few laughs as the kids presented their poems. Thank you to Mr. Westphal for adding to our treats and to Mrs. Mistele, Mrs. Wallace, and Mrs. Matz for helping to serve them!