Energy project

By Alfin

What is energy

Energy is a physical or renewable energy such as solar,win ,water,biomass and geothermal.

What are types of energy

Energy comes in two forms potential and kinetic potential energy is a stored energy and kinetic energy is found in movement.

What are the sources of energy

The sources are Coal,oil and natural glass also from solar,wind,water,geothermal and biomass and a lot more.

What happens when energy is transfered

River,streams and waterfalls moving downstream are water energy which is (hydro power) they are a store of kinetic energy by their downstream.

What happens when energy is transformed

Transformed energy means it is changing one to another for example energy goes through a toaster and turns into thermal energy or heat then sound.

What will happen to the future?

In the future people will be forced to research and develop alternative energy

sources cause by current rate of fossil fuel usage.

many companies in the energy industry are inventing new ways to extract energy from

renewable sources.