Erpenbeck Enquirer

Week of February 1st

We are building the community of tomorrow using 21st century skills today!

Dates to Know:

February 2016

1Volunteer Training EES library @ 8am

2 Chuy's Night

3-5 All State Chorus in Louisville

12 EES Father Daughter Dance


15-19 Career Week

22-27 District Governors Cup Week (hosted by EES)

Looking Ahead


14 - 18 Book Fair

15 Science Night with Dad


4 Booster thon Run (PTA Event) Info Coming Soon

11- Spring Break

23 Japanese Festival (MES) and Makerspace Expo (BCHS)

25 Boone County Art Show

29 and 30 Erpenbeck Aladdin Play

Principal's Corner

Hello EES Families,

I just wanted to let you know that this is the time of the year when we really start to push our students more than ever to reach their full potential! We are immersing them in more rigorous content, asking higher level questions of them, and expecting our students to demonstrate their learning in various ways. Here at EES, we pride ourselves at achieving high academic success for all of our students and I could not be more proud of how our students have responded. As a school community, we teach our students strategies to help them face tough challenges. We have been talking a lot about Growth-Mindset lately. Ask your child about Growth-Mindset and how they use this type of positive psychology to take on new challenges. I am amazed at how the students have embraced and are speaking this language to their teachers and to one another! As adults, I know there are times we all need to embrace this Growth-Mindset and work to persevere through a problem or a challenge as well. Sometimes, children can be the best teachers of the truth! I know each day I am reminded of how proud I am to be a Mustang!

With Mustang Pride,
Jenny Watson
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Counselor's Corner - Career Week is Coming!!

Career Week is a time when parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or community members can come and share information about their work with our Erpenbeck students.

If you are interested in volunteering for Career Week - February 16-22 , please contact Mrs. Goheen at

You can also sign up at our Volunteerspot using the following link:

Congratulations to all of our January Mustang Pride Winners!!

Penny War Total Funds Raised for EES Technology--- $3,201.63!

Service Projects - Socks, Gloves, Hats, Mittens and Scarves

Please continue to send in socks, gloves, hats, mittens and scarves For NKY Cold Shelter and NKY foster children. Thanks for your support for these student-led service projects! #compassion #thiswasstartedbyourkids #ourkidsrock
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Erpenbeck 5th Grade All A and A/B Honor Roll

Erpenbeck Elementary All “A” Honor Roll

5th Grade

Preston Asher
Candence Bamberger
Hannah Bedel
Hailey Black
Ian Bold
Christina Caterino
Lucas Colemire
Adam Curry
Ashley Downing
Kaela DuPree
Chloe Fortner
Kirsten Friedmann
Lydia Gay
Mark Goldstein
Nitin Gupta
Brinley Herbstreit
Timothy Hoffman
Jackson Howard
Mia Hueser
Brandon Keating
Ellie Klosinski

Alexandra Knight
Riley Krahenbuhl
Geoffrey Kratzenberg
Austin Malin
Kendall McGarvey
Olivia Morin
Caroline Neuhaus
Ethan Payne
Brookelynn Perkins
Aliza Sanchez
Margaret Sansoucy
Grant Sexton
Alexis Smith
Shelby Smith
Ava Stewart
Carter Strode
Isabella Voelker
Aiden Wagenlander
Molly Weaver
Isaac Yoakum

Erpenbeck Elementary All “A/B” Honor Roll

5th Grade

Farah Arabi
Ryan Baker
Olivia Bruce
Trenton Caldwell
Carter Capek
Luke Chang
Reece Chilton
Grace Cooper
Morgan Courtney
Isaac Engelhardt
Alexandra Fedders
Hunter Fulton
William Golden
Elijah Greene
Lacey Guard
Avery Harper
Hinako Hayasaki
Abigail Holtman
Kaita Kinoshita

Carson Lee
Brady Leiker
Ella Locke
Haleigh Lopez
Luke Lown
Alex Mahoney
Michael Moon
Hidetaka Nakai
Madison Norrick
Katerina Patrick
Chloe Parrett
Dev Patel
Peyton Peeno
Adi Pilav
Aden Ray
Aiken Rich
Madalynn Robinson
Colin Ross
Emily Schmeltz
Daniel Schraffenberger
Jackson Vetter

Erpenbeck 4th Grade All A and A/B Honor Roll

Erpenbeck Elementary All “A” Honor Roll

4th Grade

Myles Adamchik
Emma Adelman
Stella Aschermann
Benjamin Baker
Sarah Baker
Anderson Barone
Aiden Brooks
Katrina Buckley
Jacob Burklo
Anneliese Davis
Zachary Eckler
Caleb Estes
Jack Evans
Tucker Giron
Matthew Gay
John Gebrezgi
Nathan Griffith
Lauren Hacker
Trenton Hibbard
Keaton Holloway

Hannah Holocher
Adam Howe
Elliott Kreitzer
Michael Lanier
Madison Lokey

Evan Mann
Novella Marshall

Jacob McCann
Gabriel McEachern
Kaedence McGuire
Abigail Moeller
Katelyn Moening
Elijah Newman
Shinichiro Nitta
Averie Pergram
Kathryn Poshadlo
Carson Redman
Zachery Reece
Bradlee Reed-Whalen
Elaina Richards
Maxime Roquier
Yuha Sato
Ava Scott
Mihane Shimizu
Andrew Showell
Zachary Simpson
Anes Smajlovic
Ethan Southerland
Spencer Sutter
Rachel Tanner
Carson Taylor
Neil Van Slyke
Joseph Weiler
Samuel Yunker

Erpenbeck Elementary All “A/B” Honor Roll

4th Grade

Maddox Arnold
Aidan Blocker
Grace Blundy
Kiley Calhoun-Abney
Sharon Chen
Sarah Coffey
Joshua Cordrey
Isabela Edelen
Jacqueline Escobedo
Cameron Frank
Maycee Gies

Miles Gilson
Emily Ginn
Kiele Gleason
Jenna Gripshover
Brennen Gulley
Thomas Jones
Melia Kinross
Caroline Kemper
Olivia Knight
Noah Lane
Dalton Larrison
Matthew Lin
Luke Lin

Arcina Lopez

Yuto Maeda
Austin Marx
Grayson McClain
Miley McDermott
Ryan Meadors
Riley Moody
Cassie Morrow
Shelton Neal
Sophia Nichols
Emma Pfeiffenberger
Avery Reece
Elouan Roquier
Dylan Schuler
Isabella Shirley
Lucas Slusher
Jude Southerland
Dylan Stocker
Owen Strothman
Tristan Taylor
Logan Verax
Brianna Wagner
Brody Walsh
Nathan Ward