The City of Ember

By: Brooke Hanson


Who: Doon, Lina

What: The Instructions

When: About 241 Years

Where: Ember, A Field

Why: So They Can Find Another City With More Lights, And Exscape The Darkness


Lina finds the instructions for egres, and showed it to Doon. Together at about 241 years in Ember they figured out what it said. All so they can find another city with maore lights, and get out of the darkness of Ember.

Favorite Part And Why:

My favorite part was when Lina, Doon, and Poppy were ridding down the river. It was my favorite part because, it was like the climax. Like you didn't knnow what was going to happen, and what happened afected if the book ended there or not.


Pages: 270

Author: Jaenne Duprau

Genre: Science Fiction

Book Project Number: 17