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All about deforestation

the forest covers about 31% of land.1.6 billion people rely on the forest, including food, fresh water, clothing, traditional medicine and shelter.46-58 million squares are gone each year.About 15% of all the greenhouse gas are the result of deforestation.Deforestation is home to the biodiversity which also concerns tropical rain forest.about 17% has been lost over the last 50 years of the forest,its for cattle ranching. wwf has been working in protecting the forest over now 50 years. WWF works with governments, companies, communities and stakeholder, to protect the forest.

Questions you may have

1. Two issues with deforestation kills wildlife and our agriculture. Some rare animals are becoming extinct due to logging, tree fires, etc. Another issue is that our forests are completely disappearing!

We are losing resources like water, less oxygen and carbon, and our woods.

2. People who live in rural areas where gas and electricity are unavailable to use firewood as a source of heat. we need furniture, pencils, paper,houses and more wood products.

3. Main regions affected are Brazil,Indonesia,Russia,Mexico,Peru, USA, Bolivia, Nigeria.

4. wildlife is affected by this in basically any animal living in the forest. Birds, cats,monkeys,sloths,bears, etc.

5. Wildlife could be affected by drinking any polluted water or burning to death.

6. League city isn't really affected because we don't have forests.

7. People affected by this are the ones that live near forests. If there's a forest fire your house could burn down.

8. Humans are the cause of most of this issue. We are the ones cutting down our trees and ruining our forests.

9. solutions we can use are just having more responsibility. Don't drop lit matches in a forest and be more careful when you cut trees for resources.

10. Something new is called vertical foresting. It is a concept where trees are at the side of every building, which helps maintain the oxygen needed in order for the great population to breathe. It will not completely solve the issue of deforestation, but it can help make a difference positively.

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