Peterson Elementary

Family Guide

2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR


At Peterson, we show PRIDE by:

Using Positive words and actions;

Having Responsibility for self;

Showing Integrity and honor;

Displaying Self-Control;

Striving for Excellence in everything

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement: The Peterson community will foster a positive and nurturing environment through academic achievement, encompassing social and emotional well-being, and preparing our students to be future ready.

We Believe In:

Encouraging and providing rigorous opportunities for students to become active engaged, life-long learners.

Fostering a positive and nurturing environment through authentic relationships with staff, peers, families, and community partners.

Empowering all students to become citizens of good character who lead by example.

Staff professionalism, implementing best practices with fidelity, fostering accountability, and using data-driven instruction to guide decision making.

Save the Dates


State Assessments Begin


3rd-5th Grade WPS WSU Baseball Game


PTO Skate Night


Nerf Night


Kindergarten Music Performance


First Grade Music Performance


Boogie on the Blacktop

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Site Council

Mark it on your calendar April 4th will be our Site Council meeting at 7:30 AM in the library. We will be reviewing our building needs assessment and coming up with possible solutions to share with the district.

April 4th PRIDE Meeting

From 4:30-6:00 PRIDE will be meeting in the Peterson library. Enter through Door 6 (K-2 entrance) or Door 9 (playground entrance by the library).

Quarter 4 Agenda- Date TBD

  • Boogie on the Blacktop
  • 5th Grade Celebration

State Assessments

State assessments are coming up and we need your help to ensure your student is ready to rock the test!

What we need from you:

  • Make sure your child gets a good nights rest
  • Have your child eat a healthy breakfast
  • Make sure your child arrives at school on time
  • Encourage your child to do their best!

The state assessment schedule for Peterson is below.

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Class Sizes & Enrollment Numbers

A few of you have had questions and concerns regarding class sizes for the current school year. We have been fortunate here at Peterson to have smaller class sizes but unfortunately this also puts us in a funky predicament.

The average class size in the district is around 25 students and caps out around 30-32. If Peterson has a class size of 15 students and there's a higher demand at another school due to higher enrollment numbers, we will lose a teacher allocation and the teacher will be moved from Peterson.

Soon you will begin to see Peterson advertising our fresh look throughout the building (paint job), AVID, and restorative practices. We hope advertising and showcasing what Peterson is all about will increase our enrollment so we can retain current staff but also bring more staff on board! But itโ€™s all about numbers.

How can you help? Help showcase Peterson! Share with your friends and families that Peterson is the school you want to be at! Here we hold high expectations for student behaviors and ensure a safe learning environment. We use the restorative practice approach when working with your students and give logical consequences to behaviors. We work as a team to plan rigorous and engaging lessons. We are the school you want your kids to be at so SHARE THE NEWS & ENROLL NOW!

Student Drop Off

Just a friendly reminder to pull all the way forward during parent drop off and pick up. We are aware that it is cold but it's important we are pulling all the way forward so we don't cause back up on Central. Thank you for your cooperation!


We are in need of clothing donations, especially underwear and pants- all sizes! If you are willing to donate please send them with your student or bring them to the office and we will give them to Nurse Natalie. We appreciate all of the donations!

Dressing for Cold Weather

If the weather permits we will be going outside! Please make sure you send your student bundled up with coats, hats, gloves, long pants, etc. If you are in need of these items please reach out to the office and we will get you in contact with our social worker, counselor, or principal.

Peterson PRIDE

It takes a village around here, especially to run our family engagement nights! We are needing your help so we can continue the Peterson traditions. We will be having quarterly meetings to plan events as a PRIDE. See the example picture below on how we will plan to organize each event.

If you are wanting to get more involved in Peterson PRIDE but not sure how please reach out to any of the members below.

College and Career Day

College and Career day will be April 28th from 9:00-12:00. We are needing volunteers to present about their profession. If you are interested in presenting please email Brooke Hinkle with information of your profession!

Restorative Practices

You might hear this fancy word called restorative practices. What is it? It focuses on repairing harm through inclusive processes that bring together students and educators. The intention of restorative justice is to shift the focus of student discipline from punishment to reflecting learning. It emphasizes accountability, making amends, and facilitating dialogue between affected parties.

We are moving away from the traditional discipline (suspension, loss of recess, ignore behavior, etc.) and shifting to the restorative approach (conversation, reflection, accountability). Does this mean consequences are gone and there's no accountability? NO! When giving a consequence, if still needed, we will give the most logical consequence to follow.

March Staff Birthdays

Caporale 4.3

Hughes 4.10

McDonald 4.14

Brown 4.14

Ewertz 4.19

Site Council


Current Traditions

- End of the year arena celebration

- Parents loved the Halloween Parade outside ๐Ÿ˜Š

- Love the new idea of vocabulary of events

- Clear communication for the new picnic and parents loved the structure/badges already printed off

- 5th grade promotion

- Christmas sing along

- Turkey Drive

- Tigerama

- Wax Museum

- Zoo Nights

What new traditions do we want to bring to Peterson? How can we make them happen?

- Career Day April 28th

- 4th/5th Science Fair

- Exploration place cost $500 to come out to a school

- Curriculum Nights/Literacy Nights

- PTO/Fundraiser money needs to be a priority/Encourage parents to participate in planning and attending events. We need involvement from everyone involved.

-Parents are very busy in the evenings with their children/sports/activities

-Possible Zoom/Team Meetings without coming to the school/building

- Helping Hands (Parents come in and help every teacher that needs something done) Each teacher has a box in the office and then parents do not have to come talk to the teachers during the day.

- Kindergarten round-up ties in parent involvement

- Grade level fundraiser (students make an item and parents buy them)

- Multi-Cultural events

Points of Pride- Why do you love being at Peterson?

Parents Feedback

  • They love the teachers/Kids want to come to school/Environment is loving, open, and welcoming. More welcomed this year than in the past few years. Family environment/Teachers treat each other with respect. Parents love that the administration is involved in everything. Parents hear from their kids talk about administration all the time.

Teachers Feedback

  • Love the Peterson Community/Feel appreciated from parents. Trust the staff enough to bring her own children to Peterson/High Expectations for students, staff, and parents.

Students Feedback

  • Students love being student ambassadors/Patrol/Student buddies with other children/Battle of the Books/Building up their leadership skills

Increasing and Monitoring Parent Involvement- WE NEED YOU!

-More communication between family engagement and parents

-More communication between PTO and staff

-Refer to Peterson Smore

- Make phone calls to parents/Make personal connections

- Kindergarten Round up

- Meet the Teacher night

Old News Letters

Here you will find old news letters just incase you missed it!

College Gear & PRIDE Day

On Wednesdays wear your favorite college gear! On Fridays sport your Peterson Tigers pride by wearing Peterson colors or Peterson apparel
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In Case You Missed It...

Arrival and Dismissal

I wanted to say THANK YOU to our Peterson families for following our pick up and drop off systems. We have had great feedback regarding our systems and there's a solid flow.

K-2 Pickup: Just a reminder to stay in your vehicle during parent pick up and we will send your child too you. At parent drop off look for the Peterson staff and pull all the way up to the drop off locations. Please do not park on the crosswalk as this is a safety hazard for families crossing.

3-5 Pickup: Guardians picking up their students need to use the crosswalk to get to their vehicle parked in the city parking lot. Please note the signage that's under the stop sign off Central. Do not turn left on Central from 8:30-9:30 and 3:45-4:15 as it causes back up on Caddy Lane. If you arrive at 8:55 please still drop off your student in the drop off zone- do not go in the parking lot and let your student walk across the parking lot without an adult.

Safe Arrival and Dismissal

We are needing your help to ensure a safe dismissal for our students.

K-2 Pickup: Guardians need to be away from Door 6 that way teachers are able to guide their students to their pickup location. Kindergarten will be located in the U-Drive by the trees- you will see the teachers name. 1st grade pick up is located in the u-drive closer to the parking lot. 2nd grade will be located on the grass further down by the stop sign.

When you pull up on Norman street a Peterson staff member will ask you who your student is and call for your student. I do want to remind you to not let students out of the vehicle until you get passed the signs. Look for the adults directing traffic, we will open the car doors, and help your students out. Please be patient if there's some back up but overall the system is quick and efficient.

3-5 Pickup: Guardians picking up their students need to use the crosswalk to get to their vehicle parked in the city parking lot. Not using the crosswalk puts yourself and your child at risk of getting hit by a car. Please note the signage that's under the stop sign off Central. Do not turn left on Central from 8:30-9:30 and 3:45-4:15 as it causes back up on Caddy Lane. Last but not least please do not double park and let your students out- either be in the pickup/ drop off line, park in the city lot or Delano.

Arrival and Dismissal

Peterson will open the building at 8:50 AM and will dismiss at 4:10 PM. Please look below for arrival and dismissal information- It's critical you follow our procedure to ensure an efficient and safe system.

Breakfast will be served in the classroom from 8:50-9:00. If your student is tardy they will receive a grab and go breakfast in the office and go to class.

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