What is GPS?

What does GPS stand for and what is it?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a satelite navigation program that enables you to view the Earth in all weather at any time. GPS Provides critical capabilities for both commercial and military use. It was introduced in 1973 and is maintained by the American government. This advanced piece capability has given technology the chance to take one step further to the future.
A GPS satellite more than 22,000 miles high orbiting the earth. GPS satellites were introduced in 1978 and are entirely operated by the American Air Force.

GPS Applications

There are many apps up for grabs in today's technology market. Some of these Global Positioning System Apps are:

AmAze- This app uses the GPS capability to act as a SatNav program. Simply type in an address and it will find it on a map. It will give you the phone number, e-mail and will give you step-by-step instructions of how to get there.

Free GPS- This app allows you to type in a latitude and longitude and using it's digital compass, a red arrow points to your co-ordinates.

Iwant- If you are ever in an unfamiliar area, 'Iwant' allows you to chose what you need. E.g. Shops, cinema, restaurant, cafe, petrol station etc. It will then use an arrow to point towards it, spoken directions and a map to get you there.

Who invented GPS and Why?

The Global Positioning System was invented by the United States Department Of Defense and a man called Ivan Getting, at the cost of 12 billion dollars. The primary purpose of GPS was for ships and submarines, however, it has now worked it's way into cars, phones, planes, Laptops, Boats and other machinery.

Ivan Getting started off as a young man with the dream to create the most advanced form of navigation technology. With his Ph.D in Astrophysics, Getting worked with many Aerospace Engineers and Scientists to study Satellites. This was just the start of what comes next. In 1973, GPS was finally introduced.