50's Prime Time Café

Walt Disney


The 50's Prime Time Café is home to many different stiles and traits found in old restaurants found across America in the early 50's. The first room is themed after a old 50's diner with the checkered floor and bright teal and salmon accents. Moving on there is a open room with lush leather seating and a authentic style 50's bar with zebra print to bring the whole room together. Past the bar you will find a comfortable seating lounge with lots of teal and wood paneling. This room will make you feel like you are really sitting at home but in the 50's. Overall the 50's Prime Time Café is a exciting way to remember a great time in Americas history, the 1950's.

Employee Dress

Another key aspect of the 50's Prime Time Café is the Employee's outfits. The way they dress just brings you back to a completely different era. Not only does your environment feel like the 50's, the people also look like it with there light pink old fashioned dresses and teal aprons. Overall the 50's Prime Time Café is a great family experience for a blast to the past.