Welcome Guide To Wethersfield

By: Kit Tyler (Kate Jaffe)

Wethersfield was founded in 1633–34. It has made a big mark in history, being “Ye Most Ancient Town” in Connecticut. Over one hundred fifty of the , beautiful (not really) and distinctive (false) Colonial homes stand as a symbol of the rich heritage, which is the Puritan Religion that I strongly dislike! There are tons of tips and tricks to living in Wethersfield, I should know, and here are just some!

How to escape Wethersfield! (don't bother reading this Wethersfield is a horrible town)

  • Hide in a tree till townsfolk stop looking for you.
  • Find a boat and keep on rowing to you find land, preferably Barbados.
  • Feel the salty breeze in your luscious hair.

  • Just don’t come at all if you are rich!!! It’s a horrible experience!