Sudden Impact

A TPSP for 8th Grade

Study an Influential Person or Group!

In this task, students pick a historical figure or group who has influenced history or how their contributions in history affect contemporary society. Students will participate in this inquiry-driven research task by examining primary and secondary sources and creating guiding questions to lead them deeper into their subjects.

Museum Exhibit!

In Phase I students will learn about museum exhibits either from a model created by the teacher, visiting an actual museum, or taking a virtual tour of a museum. In Phase II as the final product for their task, students will create their own exhibits and will act as docents in a museum. This would be a wonderful way to communicate what our students have learned throughout the research process and to give students a relevant way to transport their learning outside the classroom.

Assessments Along the Way!

  1. A cover sheet

  2. The research proposal, including guiding questions

  3. A research log, note cards, or resource process sheets

  4. A list of the ten items in the exhibit and a rationale for including each of them

  5. A sketch of the exhibit with each artifact labeled

  6. A Works Cited Page with at least ten references

  7. A videotape or audiotape of the docent talk, including the Q&A session