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Welcome To My Newsletter for PE & Health @ North Hero

Hello, Mr. Hall here, welcome to my newsletter. I thought I'd let you know the direction of study for PE & Health since the beginning of the school year!

I'll start with Physical Education (PE).

For The Pre-K through 2nd Grade Physical Education Program, I've simply been establishing my rapport with each child, while giving them various activities designed to developtheir hand-eye coordination and physical movement skills. I am using this time to assess where each child is at, while at the same time, letting them get to know and trust me. I've set up 'stations' giving them the opportunity to rotate through basic activities. I've started some basic floor hockey skills (soft balls, padded hockey sticks) such as, how to hold the stick, how to keep the stick down on the floor, and by controlling the ball with slight taps using both sides of the stick. I've had some scrimmages with 1st & 2nd Grades and am working up to a full game. Kindergarten needs more time with the structure of PE classes, and with their attention span, to be able to engage in a game for a period of time. Pre-K are working on stations, as mentioned above, such as, bouncy balls, wheeled scooters, floor hockey dribbling. and shooting small basketballs into the small hoop. Like Kindergarten, Pre-K are just learning how to cope with basic structure and of performing tasks for a small duration of time.

3rd-6th Grade: With the onset of inclement weather, I have been trying to keep class outdoors for the most part. Thus, we've been studying soccer, 6 versus 6 (6V6). On days when it has been rainy, we've delved into floor hockey as an alternative activity. For soccer I've been stressing field position, and stressing offensive players moving in a vertical line, horizontally up and down the field together. After establishing dribbling skills, and after really honing field positions, we just started full games without cones on the field. We are ready to wrap up soccer soon. I'm going to give the students a choice about what unit/ sport to study next. It'll either be field hockey (with soft balls) or baseball (padded bats and soft balls). I'm going to let each class vote on which area to go in. I think it keeps students more engaged if they can be part of making decisions on moving forward.

For both classes I throw in days of activities that enhance balance, hand-eye coordination, throwing and catching objects, and having fun in general. I like to break up a unit of study so that fatigue and boredom don't interfere with the fun of learning.

Also, if you would like to contact me, send me a note via the school's message relay on our web page!


Mr. Hall

Some Pics From Class!

What We've Been Studying In Health

On Wednesdays we have health. After an introductory health lesson, all classes have studied a variation of the same lesson.

In week 2 we studied diabetes. I have type II diabetes and a student and North Hero has type 1 diabetes. So, I thought that was a decent place to start to bring awareness to the issue, and to help students understand how to avoid some of the habits that lead to type II diabetes.

The next lesson was about the importance of sleep, and of what happens in a young person's life with sleep.

After that we studied the effects of electronics on our health.

This week Pre-through 2nd grade studied why to avoid strangers. For grades 3-6 we learned about how to avoid strangers online, and how to detect when a stranger is making contact. For both groups we learned about what to do if a stranger approaches, or tries to make contact.

For grade 3-6 we usually play a Kahoot to review each previous week's lesson.

My wife and I own a gym in Dannemora, NY. So, I'd like to arrange a field trip to the gym. Along with the field trip, I'd like to coordinate a unit on finding the right exercise for each student to encourage them to make exercise a regular part of their lives.

If you'd like to contact me about possible areas of health to study, please feel free to contact me via the school's website electronic relay!


Mr. Hall