Can I Throw That In The Sink?

Could you be harming your local water system?

Did You Know?

Did you know that there are many more things than just paint and glue that do not belong in the drain? Normal things such as remainders that come from our food? So many citizens are unaware of the harm they are doing for their water pipes and local water system, which eventually affects us as people. Let's fix the mistakes we make at the sink! Keep reading to learn what we have been doing wrong.

What Is Not Okay

We automatically assume that when we pour something down the drain, nothing troublesome or damaging will occur. However, letting pieces of food, grease, oil, dairy products, sauces, lard, baking goods and some other normal things from your kitchen can have serious effects to our house pipes and water systems. You probably see something on this list that you have also unknowingly put down the drain or sink, which is completely normal. There is not one person who has not committed this act in the pass, thus thou should not feel guilty.

This shows how unaware we are, and once we detect an issue and educate ourselves and others, the situation will definitely improve.

Why It Isn't Okay

The reason this can be harmful for our local environment and water is the fact that not only is it creating extra work for our infiltration systems, but it can cause other problems as well. When grease is poured down the drain, it combines with the calcium in our pipes to create a new substance that is categorized as soap. But rest assured, this is not the type of soap that one would desire to wash in.