Nord's Newsletter

December 8-12, 2014


Our last learning goal in reading was the skill visualizing. The class had a 100% proficiency with that concept. After Thanksgiving, we moved on to our next comprehension goal which is asking questions. Students can ask questions to help understand informational text. We first started off with identifying question words and then began reading an informational text on reindeer. I modeled how to ask questions before reading a text on reindeer and then while reading too, which is called "during". I have all of our questions written on post-its on chart paper. I should have snapped a picture of all of the great questions the students came up with. This week will continue to work asking questions during the reading and move to "after" questions. Gradually the students will be asking their own questions independently.


We will be starting Unit 5 this week on Place Value, Number Stories, and Basic Facts.
This unit is devoted to extending understanding of and proficiency with addition and subtraction. We will spend time making and solving number stories too. Unit 5 has four main areas of focus:
  • investigate place-value concepts for tens and ones,
  • explore addition of 2-digit numbers,
  • make up and solve a variety of number stories, and
  • introduce the "What's My Rule?" routine

Honestly, the students have a good handle with their addition facts. Subtraction facts are coming along but some extra practice at home either on EDM website or any fact apps on your ipad at home or computer would be great.

Social Studies

For the three weeks before our winter break, we will be learning about four holidays that are celebrated around the world. Last week, we started off with the Christmas holiday, then moved to Ramadan, an Islamic holiday. Muslims celebrate their holiday for a whole month and unlike our holidays, same date every year, Ramadan isn't. Their holiday is based off the lunar calendar. During this whole month of celebration they fast and pray.

This week the students will learn about Kwanza and how it is celebrated.

Words Their Way

We are back into the swing of Words Their Way since Thanksgiving break. Before break the students were assessed to see which sort is best for them. Many students moved up a lot of sorts and more effort will be asked of the students. They will really have to use their time wisely during WTW and practice sorting the words correctly BUT also spelling the words correctly. Students will NOT move onto the next sort if they do not receive 90% on their spelling test. A lot of the students know how to write words using short vowels but now a lot of the sorts the students are in, involve long vowels. There are several different spelling patterns for long vowels so the students will need to be more thoughtful when practicing their spelling sorts. When your child has been assessed with their spelling sort, their test comes home that day, along with their new spelling pattern. So be on the look out!!


Our writing goal for the month is "I can write an opinion statement with one supporting detail." Last week, we discussed what an opinion is...tell how you feel or think about something. I shared with them the acronym OREO.

O-Opinion-tell how you fell or think about something
R-Reasons and
E-Examples - tell some reasons and examples why you feel or think that way
O-Opinion-write your opinion again with feeling!

Then shared some opinion words or starter sentences with the students to help support their opinion on a topic.

I think...
I feel...
I would recommend...
I believe...
I like...
I don't like...
My favorite part...

We will work on this writing skill all the month.

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