PTO Meeting

Topic: Engaging The Community and Stakeholders in Education

What do we want stakeholders to do?

Educators know a great deal about "what works", but they can't bring about or sustain improvement on their own. Parents and community members must have a strong vested interest in the success of the school and must co-own the outcomes produced.

PTO Meeting

Thursday, Aug. 28th, 6pm

School's Multi-Purpose Building


5:00-5:30 P. M.-Touring of theSchool 5:30-6:00 P. M.-Gathering and light refreshments6:00-7:00 P. M.- Meeting and Election of Officers

Why Involve Stakeholders?

When the long-term success of our school is deemed important, we must ask: "To whom do the schools belong?" and "Who has a long-term vested interest in the success of our schools and students? In answering these questions, we quickly find ourselves at the doorstep of our constituents: the families who send their children to our schools, the taxpayers who support the schools, and the businesses who hire our graduates. Therefore, we feel that stakeholders can be highly motivated and can become powerful drivers to help achieve and sustain positive change in our schools.

What does it take to engage stakeholders for improved outcomes?

1. The staff must take the lead to provide stakeholders the data and other information they need to be productive partners around student achievement.2. Partnership activities must be directly aligned with student achievement goals.3. Information sharing must be transparent. Achievement data must be clear, accurate, and meaningful.4. Efforts must be collaborative and genuine.5. All parties must operate from common values and a common vision for student achievement.

Open House and PTO Meeting

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