Rubber Tappers

By: Kya Ohlson

History of Rubber Tappers

After world war two the Brazillian rubber production came into crisis. No matter the low price the the rubber stayed the main product. After most of the owners of rubber-extraction areas had gone bankrupt the ramining rubber-tappers became owners of their farm and entitled to land,which was prohibited before.

Process of rubber tapping

Each night the rubber tapper must remove a layer of bark downward the tree trunk. Then the opposite side will be tapped allowing this to heal over. The spiral allows the latex to run down a cup. Then this work is done at night or early in the A.M before the temperature rises. The latex will drip longer before coagulating and sealing the cut.

Depending on the final product additional chemicals can be added to preserve the latex longer. Ammonia soloution helps to prevent that, to remain at it's liquid state. Plastic bags containing coagulant have repllaced cups in many plantations in Malaysia. The form of latex is used as the raw material for latex concentrate, which is used for dipper rubber.

Rubber Tapping Facts

  • -The first rubber was exported in 1910 from Sarawak. Afterwards, it rapidly became the main aricultural export of the country and remained so until the late 60's.
  • -In 1954 a sum of half a millionn dollars were set aside to finance a rubber-planting scheme, which unfortunately, did not materialize.
  • -A site of nearly 60 acres were chosen at Ensengei in the Kuching Division and planted on contract.