Loyalty Rewards Program

The most economical way to purchase your doTERRA products!

Now that you've been using your doTERRA products, it's time to think about how the Loyalty Rewards Program can work for you. I want you to get the most out of your doTERRA experience, and that includes getting you access to free products with an LRP.

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program?

doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a way to have your favorite doTERRA essential oils and products shipped to you automatically every month. It is also a way to earn PV (point value) credits that can then be redeemed for FREE products!

How do I set up an LRP order?

After your initial enrollment as a wholesale member (Wellness Advocate), log into www.mydoterra.com. Click on “set up new LRP order” on the right hand side of the screen. Select a ship date. Fill your cart!

Highlights of the Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Totally voluntary, no fee to join, cancel at ANY time!
  • Think of your LRP as your “Monthly Grocery List for Wellness”
  • YOU decide which products to purchase; YOU decide when they’re shipped.
  • An LRP order gives back! Instead of placing a regular order and getting nothing back, besides your awesome doTERRA products, on an LRP order you earn PV points – $1 per point. Those points are then used to get FREE products!
  • Earn up to 30% of your purchase back in product points
  • FREE Shipping – your shipping costs will be given back to you as product points.
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Important LRP Numbers

1 PV = You only have to spend 1 PV a month to maintain your percentage back (10%-30%) and keep your current points.

50 PV = To continue to build your percentage back (10%-30%) and accrue points you’ll want to place at least a 50 PV order. Each 3rd month (does not have to be consecutive months) you place a 50 PV order or higher, your percentage back in products points increases by 5%. Months 1-3 is 10%, 4-6 is 15%, 7-9 is 20%, 10-12 is 20%, 13th month and beyond is 30%.

EXAMPLE: I have an LRP order of $126.87 and I am at month 5 earning 15% off of purchases. Therefore, Iwill earn 19.03 points toward free products.

  • What if I place an LRP order for less than 50pv? Any order less than 50pv will not earn credit points, and will not count toward advancing to a higher percentage rate. However, you will not lose any credit points, and you will not lose the percentage rate you are currently getting as long as you spend 1 PV.

100 PV = To earn commissions on orders friends and family place through you, you’ll want to maintain 100 PV order.

125 PV = FREE product of the month. Order must be placed between the 1st and 15th of the month. I suggest waiting until the 5th, because the monthly FREE product isn’t revealed until the 1st. If it’s an oil you really want, setting your LRP order a few days later will give you a chance to add products to your order to get you to 125PV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products are redeemable with my LRP points?

You can redeem your credit points for any product that has a point value (PV) the same as its wholesale price (Full PV products). All of doTERRA’s single oils and blends have a “dollar for dollar” PV value. Products vary. Product kits are NOT redeemable through the LRP program.

Can I use my LRP points in conjunction with another order?

No, LRP reward points can only be redeemed as a separate order. Your “redeemed reward points” order does NOT count as your monthly LRP order. If you want to maintain your current percentage back (10-30%) you must still place at least a 1 PV order. If you want to continue to increase your percentage and earn points on the products you’ve ordered, you must place a 50 PV order.

If you participated in a program such as the NEW YEAR, NEW YOU promotion, you will receive 100 PV to redeem. This FREE 100 PV will not count as your monthly LRP order.

How soon can I redeem my LRP points, and do they expire?

You may redeem your points as soon as you have been an LRP participant for 60 days. LRP points are available every 15th of the following month, and expire after 12 months.

What if I forget to change my order?

You will receive an email a few days before your LRP order processes to remind you to make changes, if needed. If you forget to change your order, you’ll get exactly what was shipped last month. No worries…it can be returned for 100% refund. However, in most cases it’s stuff you’re going to need anyway! There will be an app soon, so you’ll be able to easily change your order right from your phone. I’ll keep you updated.

Is there a penalty for canceling my monthly LRP order?

No, you can cancel any time by calling Member Services (800) 411-8171. The only way to cancel your LRP order is by calling doTERRA directly. You cannot just “zero out” your order from your LRP cart. All unused LRP credits are forfeited upon cancellation.

Are there any other incentives for participating in the Loyalty Rewards Program?

Yes! Earning free products of the month and knowing that you are getting something back for investing in your own health care. When you give you get. :)

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Just a Little More Info!

  • Products purchased using your points have no PV value in your current order.
  • A redemption fee of $3 per 100 points and applicable taxes. It’s best to redeem in 100 point increments in order to keep your fees low. See example…
    • 100 points = $3 fee
    • 103 points = $6 fee
    • 200 points = $6 fee
  • You must be an LRP participant for 60 days before credits can be redeemed
  • When placing an order using points, you must choose the “Ship Now” option
  • All products credits will be immediately cancelled with LRP cancellation. In order words, use your points before you cancel!!
  • Product credits have no cash redemption value and are non-transferable
  • Products purchased with LRP credits are not for resale
  • Cancellation of LRP order must take place over the telephone by calling Members Services at 1-800-411-8151

Email (allison.volz@gmail.com), call or text (614-563-4204) with any questions!