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Annelies M. Gentile, MA, PCC

Integrative Life & Leadership Coach
Consultant | Facilitator | Process Artist | Author | Speaker

From Broadway to blacksmithing to divorce, death and Dubai, I'm no stranger to change. Through life's fire, I've learned to be resilient. Certainly not perfect but persistent. I've got grit and love to share with you. I consider myself a creative evangelist, a pioneer thought-leader with a presence-based and artful approach to coaching. I help professionals navigate change, mindfully, creatively and successfully. Creativity resides at the edge of chaos. Together we transform stress, overwhelm and grief associated with change. Having traveled 22 countries and 47 US states, I've discovered that most people want the same three things: to be heard, to feel safe and to hold a sense of belonging. How we get there is what triggers conflict and separation. Getting comfortable with what’s uncomfortable is not only important-- it's required to change with change. No matter who I serve, I believe the secret to any success is shared compassion and possibly an ability to make a gourmet salad with weeds. More than ever-- the world needs compassion and creativity. Join me.

You've made it to October 2020!

Hello beloveds... How is your heart and soul? How's work and life for you? I think of you daily. Please know that. Tucked into my heart's pocket you are. :) What's new with you, what's good?
How am I? Good. Still sailin'... Regardless of the wild changes we all continue to face, we're all figuring it out. Grit, resilience, intent and hope help keep the love lights on. Breathe, sit back and enjoy this season's newsletter.

Since last we connected, I've coached executives, entrepreneurs and professionals in transition from NYC to New Bern, tended garden and soul, paddle-boarded a few times, turned 46, enjoyed an isolated beach trip with family, led Art in the Garden along with distant hugs and tasty quiches, took up a fascinating new hobby of mushroom foraging, painted live for a fabulous art commission, collaborated with a physician on an expressive arts project, joined the board of Triangle ArtWorks, presented on resilience nearly every week including for more than 600 staff at UNC Heathcare, rekindled my creative chops blacksmithing and made an analemma, volunteer coached for NCSU students in the Caldwell Fellows program, learned how to navigate online school with my 8 yr old niece and 5 yr old nephew, prepped to guest-facilitate for Innovate Raleigh Summit, VOTED early and.... I completed and submitted my audiobook!! It took me 2.5 years to write the paperbook and another 1.5 to complete the audiobook. It's awaiting publisher review. By the end of November, it'll be available for purchase at 44 outlets worldwide including Amazon, links available soon. Thanks in advance for your purchase! :)

How's life in YOUR world? I want to know! Email or call me. Let me know what's changing in your world.

AUTUMN :: Cultivating Awe :: Element of Metal

Each season I provide inspiring nuggets of wisdom through my newsletter which includes invitations to upcoming events. My goal is to help YOU better cope and create through change. Seasonal teachings come through both my personal and professional experiences and the Chinese Five Elements philosophy of Wu Xing (wŭ ching) and Tao, among other philosophies and sciences which highlight and explore unique nature-based ways to understand the processes of change. In addition, each newsletter aims to help you create a mindful mindset and provide resources to build resiliency in the face of personal, professional and cultural change.

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One of the ways I help professionals become better leaders in life and at work is to help them cope, navigate and manage change. We cannot separate the human condition from our work life. They're inseparable. When we try to separate our humanity from the tasks, lists and linear roles of the work-world we harden ourselves and become hard towards others. What's more useful is understanding how to integrate our humanity into all expressions of life, even at work. As life gives us a variety of challenges to cope with, exploring problem-solving through nature is not only interesting and inspiring, it's also a unique way to better understand our own nature.

According to Eastern tradition of Tao, there are five elements expressed through five seasons each represented by an element, color and emotional characteristics. Here's a simplified explanation.

• Winter : Water : Blue : Stillness : Fear
• Spring : Wood : Green : Creativity : Anger
• Summer : Fire : Red : Connectivity : Joy
• Late Summer : Earth : Yellow : Transformation : Empathy
• Autumn : Metal : White : Acknowledgement : Grief

Autumn is related to element of METAL which represents the emotion of grief and informs a sense of awe, inspiration, loss, acknowledgement and letting go. Through the season of autumn, we are invited to honor the inherent qualities of change and reflect upon the aspects of life which are deeply sacred and transforming.

Let's explore one quality; AWE

This has certainly been a whopper of a year filled with things to reflect upon and take action on. I think you'd agree we are filled to the brim with emotions. Maybe so much so... some of us are numb.

Good thing we can count on change! It won't stay this way forever. A helpful tip to soften numbness, shock or simply extraordinary overwhelm associated with change is embracing a sense of awe. Even when something is awful (full of awe), we're given a chance to step back or step in closer to notice the awe and mystery of the moment.

Einstein said, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." Awe is defined as "a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder". It evokes a sense of mystery. Awe can also tempt us "to feel inspired". Definitely an important value at work and in life.

How can we cultivate awe? We need to remember we're all connected. We're a part of something bigger. Acknowledge the rarity of life's expression even when it seems so common place. We can often forget the little things.

The element of metal cuts right through the fluff, straight on to the heart of meaning. It reminds us to acknowledge truth. What needs acknowledgment?

Personal & Professional Transformation : Look Within

To integrate the element of METAL and season of AUTUMN in your life and work, I invite you to explore these questions.

  • What inspires you?
  • What needs to be acknowledged in life or work right now? Think: Truth telling on a deep level.
  • What can you let go?

"Annelies was exactly what I didn't know I absolutely needed."

Coach Immersions with Annelies
If you're wrestling change and want a superhero side-kick consider working one-on-one with me to address priority issues, de-stress, get clear, set and achieve goals. Coach with me for several months, longer or for a brief period of time. Immersions are custom designed to suite your needs, time and budget. Immersion packages range from half-day, full-day, two days or more and can be local to Raleigh, coastal NC or virtual.

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Moving through change has never been so interesting! Need a boost at the office, an educational experience or thoughtful retreat? Invite me to speak and/or facilitate a workshop, virtual treasure hunt or custom retreat. Learn about resilience and creativity, transform grief associated with change and learn mindfulness practices to navigate change. Contact Annelies

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Awwh... it's so nostalgic to see people's faces, shaking hands and a bustling art scene. This commercial was filmed Dec 2019 and released a few months ago. Although the People First Tourism First Friday ART WALKS WITH ANNELIES are currently on hold... I still wanted you to feel connected to me and the value of exploration together. We will get through this. #creativitymatters


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