High Dive

By Tammar Stein

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Book Review By Han Huynh

Imaging yourself growing up without your parents. Your father passed away by an accident and your mom, who is an army nurse in Iraq and always faces danger. Because of poor connection between two countries, you are not be able to call your mom everyday, you are not be able to talk to her, the only way to keep in touch with your mom is through email. Will you be okay? Will you be strong enough to live without your parents?

Growing up, Arden's life always revolved around her mother's career, they move all over the place so meeting new people is not too difficult for her. But now, her family completely separate from each other. To Arden, her mother's safety always comes first, everyday she emails her mother just to make sure that she is okay over there and whenever her mother replies back, she knows that her mother is still safe.

On her flight to Germany (the last place her family lived together). She meets new three Texan girls - Madison, Katie, and Lola who are going on a Europe Adventure. Talking to them while on a flight makes her want to have fun like how they do. She changes her plan, instead of going to Germany, she ends up going to Paris with the girls. Travel with strangers is not an easy thing to do, since the girls are best friends, Arden does feel a bit left out and she thinks whether she makes a wrong decision . But after dealing with so many issues (languages, book a hotel room, etc...) all four become closer. Because of them, Arden finally finds herself after those problems going on in her family (losing her dad)

I would recommend this book for those interested in war time, how people survive and what people do as a nurse too keep the soldiers alive. Also, this book can be interesting for those who like adventures, traveling and want to know how people deal with languages and so many different things that people have to deal with as a traveler.

About The Autthor

Tammar Stein is an award winning author of novels for young adults