Third Grade Writers!

Connecting North Carolina and Iowa Through Writing

The Circus Calamity (by Mrs. Bowles' Class)

Joey and Molly are brother and sister and left their house to walk down a path. Suddenly, they ran into their friends, Juan and Angelina. They kept walking and found a circus. They found three clowns outside selling tickets. They didn’t have enough money but then Juan found money in his pocket. They bought four tickets and went inside. They gave their tickets to the ticket collector. They found someone selling popcorn and cotton candy and bought some. They found empty seats and sat down. Soon, people came and said those seats were theirs. They started to argue and threw popcorn at them. A man selling swords and stuffed toys walked up and Molly stole two swords and five stuffed toys to throw and fight. Then, a smooth hit Molly in the head for stealing. Juan helped Molly clean the smoothie off her head. The fight stopped because they got tired. They all pulled out their tickets to look at their seats. Joey, Molly, Juan and Angelina were in the right seats so the other people left to find their right seats. The circus started now that everyone was in their seats. Molly accidentally dropped her popcorn bucket down in the circus ring. When she walked down to get the popcorn, she slipped on the smoothie spill and fell in the ring. The elephants came out and thought Molly was a trainer. They started doing tricks and picked Molly up with their trunk and put her on his back. Then, the tiger came out and Molly got scared. She ran back up to her seat and the real trainers came out and calmed the animals down. The clowns came out and Molly and her friends laughed at the clowns and their tricks. They watched the rest of the circus and lived happily ever after.

The Circus Show (By Mrs. Sulhoff's Class)

One day there were two kids who went to the circus. Their names were Joey and Molly. Molly said she wanted to take a look backstage. Joey told her he did not think it was a good idea, and said he was going to take his seat. While backstage Molly found a jetpack. The jetpack was used for one of the skits during the circus performance. Molly wanted to see how the jetpack worked, so she put it on. As soon as Molly put the jetpack on she flew through the back curtain and entered the circus ring. She was now part of the circus. Joey was sitting in the audience. He could not believe his eyes. Molly was flying everywhere. She was flying over the tigers and the elephants. One of the tigers in the circus was not happy about the change in plans. This was not how the show was supposed to go. He started chasing Molly. He was jumping in the air, trying to bite Molly’s foot. Joey was so worried about his friend. Joey started yelling and telling people around him that the girl in the jetpack was his friend and was NOT part of the show. One lady in the audience decided they should start singing and dancing to distract the tiger. It worked! The tiger became very confused about what was going on. The tiger was walking around the circus ring starting at the audience and totally forgot about Molly. Joey snuck into the circus ring and told the circus master that it was his friend wearing the jetpack and she needed help. The circus master put on his own jetpack and went to rescue Molly.