Christmas in Brazil

By: Brendan Schultz

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Christmas foods

In Brazil, the Christmas foods are turkey, ham, colored rice, vegetable and fruit dishes, rooster,beer, wine, salads, and pork.

Symbol of Santa

Brazil has a Santa named “Papai Noel” or “Bom Velhinho”.

Symbols and Decorations that represent Christmas

They have lights that are up everywhere and fake Christmas trees that are lit up. They also have cotton balls in trees as fake snow because it is too hot to have real snow. They also have fresh picked flowers.

Christmas Traditions

They set up Nativity Scenes named Presépio. They also do plays called Los Pastores. Catholics go to a midnight Mass service or Missa do Galo, that usually ends around 1:00 Am. After that, they shoot off fireworks with big “Christmas trees” on the ground that are made of lights.

Christmas Celebration

They celebrate on Christmas Eve by eating and trading presents on Christmas day.

Reason for Christmas Celebration

They celebrate it to represent the birth of Jesus just like we do. The song under this represents Jesus.

Music is Part of Their Celebration

Here is a song

“Tonight is beautiful

Together she and I

Let's go to the chapel

Happy to pray

At the sound of the bell

The little bell

The God child

Comes to bless us.

Ring the little bell

Bell of Bethlehem

The God child was born

For our sake (for our good)

Peace on Earth prays the bell

Joyful singing

The God child blesses

This our home”

Treats for Santa

They leave Brigadeiros, which are like fudge balls, for Santa.

Christmas tree

When they put up a Christmas tree, it like a real Christmas tree. It is a tree made out of lights.

Santa and the chimney

Their Santa doesn’t come down the chimney. He comes through an open window.

Christmas Games

They don’t play Christmas games at Christmas time. They just have a huge feast.

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