iPads for Video Lessons

resources for using iPads to video instruction for students

The Power of Video!

Video can be a powerful tool in the classroom, especially when the videos can be accessed 24/7 by students. Project Innovate iPads are an efficient way to capture, edit, and upload short instructional videos. Students respond well to videos of their own teachers, and usually shorter is better when creating instructional videos. Chunking the information makes accessing and reviewing easier for students on the go.
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WSQ strategy from Crystal Kirch

WSQ is a strategy to help students focus and retain information presented in a flipped format. Students have a process for this self-directed learning.




Check out Crystal's informative blog for more information and resources.

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Flipped classroom is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional educational arrangement by delivering instructional content, often online, outside of the classroom. It moves activities, including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom.