The most visited and occupied city in north america

Get many choices of deluxe foods from seafood to italian food

For breakfast have a egg burrito just a burrito inside an egg. Lunch time! have a giant lumberjack sandwich the biggest sandwich there is. For dinner enjoy some spaghetti and meatballs in a fancy restraunt. And for the last of your meals try on of our huge topped icing cakes. When you go to Toronto make sure you get one of these choices of foods.


Try one of these religious festivals. Enjoy a wonderful festival for the mexican holiday [Cinco De Mayo]. One of the biggest festivals in the world "The spuano's grondeira" which takes place in spain. The religious festivals are almost every month so you won't miss them.The most enjoyed festival in toronto is the French festival. Make sure you bring your religious clothing.


Toronto has it all.I would go to Niagra Falls if I were you.The CN tower can make a wonderful place for an afternoon dinner. The skydome should be the first thing you see in Toronto literally! When there is a romantic dinner you could go toone of the fancy italian restraunts


visit some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Enjoy Niagra Falls a very romantic sight. If you goto the CN Tower look out for a very beautiful view. The Skydome is a lovely stadium for hanging out. The Super Mall has one of the biggest indoor waterparks in the world. If you go to Toronto would visit these places.


It doesn't matter of what language you speak canada speaks almost all of them. If you speak chinese or japanese go to the chinatown section. If you speak spanish or any hispanic language you go to the mexican section. If you speak african or portugese come to the african american section. If you speak french or italian go to the european section. Go to one of these sections and everyone will speak your language.
And of course everyone can mix

Here's the weather

If you come to Toronto you may want to bring a coat. The climate of canada is usually cold. When you go to Toronto in the summer it can get pretty warm. But in the winter it is below 15 degrees brr! In the spring and fall it's about mediam so i would still bring a sweater or something just incase. While your in toronto try going ice skating in the vast city.

Here is a map of the wonderful city