by;Sicilian astromer Guiseppe Piazzi

10 facts about Ceres

1.Ceres was spotted on January 1,1801 by sicilian astromer Guiseppe Piazzi

2.At first was called a planet,but as more asteroid belt they were discovered

3.Piazzi called his descovery Ceres after the Roman goddess,of harvestes and corn

4.Ceres in relatively far from the sun,but scientists its surface temperatures caould rise as high as minus 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

5.Water-vapor geysers would hint the presence of a subsurface ocean on Ceres.

6. Unlike other memebers of asteroid belt,Ceres is round because it's large enough for gravity to mold it's shape.

7. Mass 895.8E 18 kg

8.Orbital period-1,680 days.

9.Coordinates;RA 19*24'0"1 Dec 59*0.000"

10.Discovered-January 1,1801


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Lecture: Unveiling Dwarf Planet Ceres