U.S gives 50 tons of Ammunation

by Shandon Mith

Obama Administration's first step

U.S military cargo planes gave 50 tons of ammunition to rebel groups overnight in northern Syria, using an air drop of 112 pallets as the first step to the Obama Administration's effort to find new ways to support those groups fighting ISIS.

Details not announced about the mission

Information of the air mission over Syria were established by a U.S official who is not permitted to speak publicly because the details are not yet formally announced.

Ammunition and Syrian Repels

C-17s, accompanied by fighter escort aircraft, dropped small arm ammunition and other items like hand grenades in Hasakah province in Northern Syria to a coalition of rebel groups examined by the U.S, Known as the Syria Arab Coalition.

U.S training Syria Rebels

The U.S were permitted to train Syria Repels to fight ISIS