4th Grade Happenings

Achieving Excellence Through Leadership and Learning: All In


Dates to Remember

September 1st, 8th, and 9th: MAP testing for 4th grade

September 7th: NO SCHOOL...Labor Day

September 12th: Simpsonville Fall Festival

September 14th-18th: Book Fair with Grandparent/Special Person Lunches

Sept. 15th: Book Fair night with Clifford/Bingo for Books 6:00-7:00

**Each individual 4th grade teacher will let you know which days they will be MAP testing (it will not be ALL of those dates).

Reading Rocks!

This week in reading we’re assigning reading partners also known as reading “accountabilabuddies”. Accountabilabuddies will know each other’s reading goals and will encourage and celebrate one another when goals are accomplished. We’ll be working on building reading relationships with accountabilabuddies and watching videos that model how to get to know one another as readers and how to have conversations around books. After Wednesday, ask your student what a good reading conversation looks and sounds like. Happy Reading!

Writing Way

As writer's we connect to great literature! This week we are reading various texts written by Maya Angelou, Patricia Polocco, and more to inspire our writing. It has been very powerful to listen to the students share their writing with each other. These entries can be the start to a great narrative!

Science Scene

This week we will face our last challenge of the Building Community unit. Students will work together to design, plan, construct and innovate and marble maze. There are several constraints they will face for their work. Ask your Bobcat about their plan and the design that they have created. Next week we will begin Life Sciences and will explore the structures and functions of plants and animals.

Math Matters

What's My Place? What's My Value? These are just a few of the questions we are asking each day about numbers. A deeper understanding of place value will take our students so far in all other concepts related to numbers. This week we are studying how to compare values. We are not just using the following symbols to compare: <, >, =. We will also ask students to support their comparisons using place value vocabulary (digits, tens place, greater than, etc.) and visuals.

Technology Tidbits

Visit www.arbookfind.com to look up the point levels, reading levels, etc. for almost any book title!

Visit http://simpcomputerlab.weebly.com/ to find links to some amazing, grade-specific sites for interactive learning and practice opportunities.

www.ixl.com is a site that we used this week to practice determining pattern and comparing values in math

Wish List

  • peppermints
  • book lights
  • indoor recess games
  • page protectors


  • Please sign agenda books every evening and check Take Home Folders each night
  • If there is a change in transportation, please write a note and send it in
  • When sending in money, please put in an envelope with student's name and what money is for on the outside of the envelope