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Special Iditarod Edition

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Hello 3G Parents,

This week we have been using our reading comprehension, reasoning, mathematical, and geographical skills in preparation for the 2015 Iditarod- The Last Great Race.

One former 3G student is fortunate enough to be in Alaska right now experiencing the Iditarod. WE are fortunate enough to share Skype conversations with throughout her visit. We spoke with her this morning about the temperature and landscape of Alaska, of the Musher's Banquet (where mushers pulled their bib numbers out of an ancient Eskimo boot), and her plans for Friday night- watching dozens of dump tucks bring in snow to line the streets of Fairbanks, Alaska where the ceremonial start will take place tomorrow.

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Race Week (next week)

Next week, in lieu of spelling HW, the children will have Alaska and race themed writing assignments that will require them to practice specific skills including genres.

The children have all chosen a musher to track along the Iditarod trail. We will check their status daily until they cross the finish line in Nome, Alaska. I would greatly appreciate it if you could initial your child's "Status Book" each night, acknowledging their calculations for "distance traveled" and "distance to go" is accurate.

*See photos below.

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...You're invited to follow the race with us :)

(Click here to choose and track your musher)