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Citywide New York Blackout

A normal day in New York is taxi's honking, tourists sightseeing, except for two days ago when a citywide blackout occurred. People frantically looking for a way out of the exhausting heat and in search for water wandered the street everywhere. Stories of how people lost all electricity and what they were doing at the time surround social media. One includes a story of a 17 year old boy named Owen Buckley whose dad works at the hotel as a superintendent and a 16 year old girl named Lucy Patterson who was just heading downstairs to get mail, got stuck in a hotel elevator together. Buckley lives in the basement, while Patterson lives in the 24th floor. They had never met each other yet go to the same high school. They got stuck half way and started running out of air, but got rescued just in time. There are plenty of other stories like this except maybe good came out of this meeting, or they were just two teenagers trying to get somewhere, either way good can come out of a citywide blackout. That is if you look past all the other negatives like no air conditioning and ice cream. All of New York went into a state of panic trying to get some kind of relief of the heat. Water bottles for sale for 10 dollars, ridiculous!
You guys have submitted other stories as well. Some including ones such as using the toilet and then being left in complete darkness. Other bizarre ones include taking showers then screaming bloody murder, not really bizarre. Believe it or not, you would think people have the common sense that their power just went out but, the police station got plenty of frantic people on their lines that someone cut out their power. Clearly people should be talking to their neighbors or something because they would have noticed it had happened to the whole city. There were even people creating conspiracies that the apocalypse was on it's way but these people are clearly dramatic. My own experience was not as exciting since i was taking a nap and was awoken in a puddle of sweat that felt like i was laying in the pacific ocean. At first i just thought i had awoken from a nightmare, but when i went to turn my toaster on nothing worked. I looked out my window and saw people roaming the streets like the walking dead. I then went outside myself to escape my house that was now an oven. Once it was fixed, I had never been so happy to be back in my air conditioned home. If you guys have any more stories I'd love to hear them so leave your stories down on my page, as always I bring y'all the news around the world, this Primary News over and out.