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Sherrie Berry & Shelley Kozma & Liz Haviland

Elementary Curriculum Instructional Technologists

Lampasas ISD

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What is a Smore?

S'more provides an option for creating digital newsletters, presentations, etc. but the ideas don't stop there. S'more can be used a number of ways in the classroom and here are just a few examples:

  1. Parent Newsletter - Eye appeal engages the reader. With this online platform, readers are intrigued to read and click buttons to find out more compared to a typical email they may receive. This can also be sent through other services just as Remind. For those who are a little less techie, you have a printable PDF option.
  2. Student Presentations - The quality of student work improves when they have an audience. Students can take pride in a clean, neat, and organized presentation when using S'more. It is user friendly, so that even young students can compile their research in an organized way.
  3. Blended Learning or Information for your website - A Smore would be a great place to have instructions and videos over a specific topic for students and/or parents could refer to when needing to understand a topic.
  4. Hyperdoc - Engage learning through this unique way to link everything you want done in your classroom for a unit. Or have this be something that is used for early finishers.
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Students can create flyers too!

Students can use your class code even if they don't have an email address.

Let's create!

Create a flyer for an upcoming event:

Summer Camps may be going on soon and back to school events are right around the corner. Let's design a flyer that could be sent to parents informing them of your event.
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