Judicial Branch

By Taylor Main, Tori Castle, Jon Schwarte

Chief Justices


  • Elected by President
  • Confirmed by the Senate
  • Sevres for life
  • Can retire
  • Can be impeached (bad behavior)

Federal Judges


  • Nominated by the President
  • Confirmed by Senate
  • Informal criteria has to be met
  • Judge for life
  • Can retire

Responsibilities (Overall)

    • Chief appoints their counselor

    • Chief appoints all court officers

    • In charge of the board of the Federal Judicial Center

    • Tells everyone the dates of the meetings and does the roll call on all the cases

    • Decided who will make or write the opinion, the chief could do this themselves

    • They settle arguments over laws

    • They explain the state laws

    • Discipline anyone who breaks the laws

    • Decides if anyone is breaking the laws

    • Determines how guilty the defender is/ jail time

Recent Events

1. Plans for eight new courthouses
  • Will replace old ones
  • Plans were released in April
  • Plan have been approved by Senate & House
  • Courthouse construction has to approve
  • Courthouse in Des Moines

2. Scams are starting to affect U.S

  • Scammers are saying citizens owe money
  • If they don't pay, they will serve jail time
  • Citizens have to call local clerk's office
  • Make sure the don't owe any money