Push and Pull Factors

Matthew Pyankov

Religious Persecution


The people from this country are migrating because they are not allowed to worship all the religions that they wish. Christians for example, were promised a church that was sold away. These people are migrating to the U.S. and to many places in Europe because they have true religious freedoms.

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Ethnic Persecution


Many ethnic groups, some of those including Christians are being attacked and killed by the Syrian army. They are being forced out of their homes if they are not killed. They are migrating to surrounding countries such as Israel and Turkey.

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Environmental Factors


The people here are suffering from major issues involving global warming and are frequently hit by dangerous typhoons. The fishers there are consistently coming back with less and less fish as well. These people are migrating to Europe, China, and Japan.

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Economic Motives


Many people want to move to Canada for its healthcare. It has some of the worlds best healthcare for free for everyone and this attracts many people. People migrate to Canada from the U.S, all over Europe, and some of Asia.

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Political Factors


Sweden has a very high level of participation at the world political level showing that they have a good idea of what to do. They also have a long history of neutrality from wars showing that they know how to handle themselves. People migrate here from Eastern Europe, France, and other European countries.

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Forced Migration


In Sudan, over 6 million people are forced to migrate from their homes. They must do this because of war raging on or because they do not do what they need to. These people migrate either to other countries or just to other regions in their home country. Some go to Chad.

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