About me

Alyssa Vazquez

About Me (:

My name is Alyssa Vazquez I am 14 years old. I am a older sister and a little sister I have 3 siblings. When I was younger it was just me and my mom we lived in apartments for a while then she met a guy and then had my little sister we moved into a house.

I started Chasco Elementary school then I went to Chasco Middle school I got honor roll all 6th grade year, 7th grade year was a downfall year and that was just a bad year for me , then I went to 8th grade with a whole different mindset and knew my goals and knew that if I kept messing up I wasn't going to get anywhere in life so I turned my whole year around and did what I had to do for my self and to make my parent proud of me.

I started Ridge wood high school about 2 weeks ago I like this school, its just very crowded but other than that high school is going good for me I have all honors classes. My goal is to graduate high school with all honor roll and after I leave high school I am thinking about going to Ata college in Spring Hill I plan on either living in a apartment or house by my school or living on campus. In college I plan on getting a degree for a obstetrician I've always want to be a doctor that delivers babies. After college I am thinking about moving out of Florida. I plan on traveling all 50 states, live in my dream hope and succeed all my dreams. Also I've thought about getting a business licences also to make my own hospital.