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From Windows 8 an upgrading experience

I wanted to move from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 8 Pro. Before I set about upgrading, I made sure I had backed up important files and created a restore point. I decided to use the Microsoft Upgrade Assistant to conduct the upgrade, because it informs you of what preparations you need to make, for your machine to accept the new software. For example, it will list all the programmes on your device that won't be compatible, and you will need to remove before installation. The Assistant will advise you of these before you decide to buy, so if it throws up a long list, you might have second thoughts about upgrading. I had just a couple of programmes turn up, which I was happy to remove.

Protect yourself online

Don't Fall for Scam

You might think that you are pretty aware of what an e-mail scam looks like, but as someone who has their e-mail on public display, I get targeted on a daily basis. I've noticed that scam e-mail is tapping in to the activity we are carrying out on the Internet. For example, today I got 3 e-mails with attachments about a flight booking, which I have not made. The other week I had one from Skype about the successful change of a password, when I have not attempted to change it. I've had scam mail claiming to be from Facebook, Paypal, UPS, BT, and the list goes on. In the preview pane of my e-mail account some of the logos displayed have looked pretty genuine.

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