NPS COVID Testing Program Update

September 17, 2021

Testing Logistics and Timeline

We are pleased to share with you that two of the three components of our COVID testing program will begin on Monday, September 20, 2021. The testing strategies that will be implemented include:

  • Symptomatic Testing: A rapid test to be used for students and staff who develop symptoms while at school.

  • Test and Stay: A series of rapid tests to be used to test unvaccinated asymptomatic individuals who have been identified as close contacts following possible exposure at school.

As a reminder, the Test and Stay program allows your student to remain in school and avoid quarantine if they remain symptom-free and continue to test negative at school. We strongly encourage families to opt into our testing program so your student has as much opportunity as possible to stay in school.

The weekly COVID testing program is still in the planning stages as the state contractor, CIC Health, works out some remaining supply chain and staffing issues. We will let you know when the weekly testing will begin.

You ARE REQUIRED to provide consent for your student to be tested in the three different testing strategies. Please log into Aspen to sign the consent form. Here is the Aspen Login Link. Please follow these instructions for accessing and signing the consent form.

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COVID Testing Information and Resources

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Why should I opt into the “Test and Stay” COVID testing program?

To limit disruptions to school attendance and learning. The “Test and Stay” program eliminates the need for your unvaccinated student to quarantine if they remain symptom-free and continue to test negative at school (vaccinated students are exempt from this testing program and remain in school.) Instead of quarantining at home, the unvaccinated close contact student comes to school. The student is tested using a rapid test for at least 5 days from the date of exposure. If the student remains asymptomatic (no symptoms) and does not develop symptoms, the student does not miss any school.