Cherub The Recruit

By Robert Muchamore

A action-packed adventure with many twists and turns.

Join Cherub For Your New Life.

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"Four swimming pools, six indoor tennis courts, all-weather football field, a gymnasium and a shooting range, to name but a few."

You should join Cherub because you are getting another chance at life. You are becoming a spy! Cherub is a secret spy academy in England. You are getting a new shot at life from your old boring life. You will go on missions with friends and classmates to do something adults can't. For example you can trick people into believing lies; saying your homeless and need a home. If your an adult they will probably not let you in, but if your a kid; they might let you in their home. You could be undercover and be spying on them the whole time. Your effort could save many lives. You will have to pass basic training to go on missions. Basic training makes you more athletic, faster, stronger mentally and physically. Basic training is a ninety day course to get you ready for missions. You will have access to track, swimming pools, soccer field, ect in Cherub. You will practice martial arts and learn many cool stuff about spies.