Principal Update


Updates for January 11th - January 15th

Happy New Year BMS Families,

To kick off our New Year, our counseling team will be facilitating a school wide assembly. Students will have an opportunity to connect with counselors, teachers and peers, in a fun and engaging way. In preparation for the assembly please note the following:

  • The assembly will occur this coming Monday, January 11, 2021.

  • We will use our Monday Assembly Special Schedule for the entire day of classes. You can view the assembly schedule here or please check our main website.

  • Mr. Lampus's choir has put together a lovely audio of their performance. The audio will play as students enter the assembly via their 1st period class. Students are welcome to join class early, while they enjoy their breakfast. The performance will play from 9:20-9:30a.

Attendance Info From the Office

Beaumont's Attendance Procedures

If your student will be absent please email both of our front office staff who enter attendance information.

John McMahan

Debbie Mettler

Your student is welcome to connect with their teachers about what assignments they should do or make up in their absence. However, we will need a parent to provide us with notification of any upcoming absences, not the student.

The following are the absence options that John or Debbie will be able to enter for your student:

  • Appointment
  • Civic Engagement (participating in a protest)
  • Covid- Quarantine
  • Covid- Infected
  • Family Emergency
  • Funeral
  • Hospital
  • Illness or Injury
  • Mental Health Day
  • Religious Holiday
  • Religious Instruct (religious instruction)
  • Technology Issues
  • Vacation

Please specify the reason your student was or will be absent with one of the reasons listed above so that John and Debbie can enter your student's information into the Synergy system accurately.

If you receive a call from the PPS central attendance line, the day and period of the absence will be provided. If you'd like to confirm which classes were missed, please refer to your ParentVue or your Student's StudentVue account. The date and period of absence will be provided there.

For clarification of why your student was marked absent for a class, please notify your student's teacher directly with your inquiries. This is the best and most efficient way to find out why the absence was recorded. If you prefer, your student could email their teachers as well with those questions.

If an absence occurs, our front office staff can modify any errors made in the attendance records. However, to do so they will need notification from the student's teacher or a parent to provide them with one of the reasons listed above.

Thank you for adhering to these attendance guidelines as we continue to navigate distance learning.

Message From The Beaumont Parents For Racial Equity


Happy New Year! May your transitions after the break be going smoothly.

Here is our January Newsletter, with a spotlight on land use & housing policy as it relates to neighborhood segregation.

We'll be in touch again soon with news about our February Zoom event.

Thank you!

¡Feliz año nuevo! Que sus transiciones después del descanso se desarrollen sin problemas.

Aquí está nuestro boletín de enero, con un enfoque sobre el uso de la tierra y la política de vivienda en lo que respecta a la segregación de vecindarios.

Nos comunicaremos de nuevo pronto con noticias sobre nuestro evento Zoom de febrero. ¡Gracias!

Introducing Ms. Karen Lefere

I have lived in NE Portland for many years now. I have a husband named Ted, a daughter named Madeline, and two sons named Luke and Levi. My family also includes a rescue dog named Tucker and a cat named Phoebe. When I’m not at school I spend a lot of time with my family. The highlights of our summer trips (when we could travel) included a trip to the country of Ghana in West Africa. This year, we did a lot of camping. My children are playing soccer, basketball, and tennis. Teaching and working with young people are things I truly enjoy. This year I hope that I will be able to help all my students grow and excel. Every Beaumont student I’ve ever met has been an interesting, unique individual.
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