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November 5, 2021

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Excitement of Oktoberfest at Tarsus American College

Tarsus American College hosted Oktoberfest activities during the week of October 25.

TAC Oktoberfest, in its 12th year at TAC, was enthusiastically celebrated by second foreign language learners this year. The bell tunes heard during the breaks of the day were reminders of the “Oktoberfest” and the German menu at lunch was another color of this special day. “Oktoberfest Celebration with Foreign Language Games” was an enrichment for the language learning of 9th and 10th grade students.

The school garden was a scene for the games which brought to the fore the highlights of German culture and language, reflecting the school’s emphasis in language education. TAC’s teachers of German, who design their instructional methods in light of most current educational needs, were happy to provide an alternative tool to reinforce student learning.

TAC’s Second Foreign Language Students Compete in the Oktoberfest

TAC’s German teachers try to enrich learning of German language through various activities. One of them is bringing to TAC the internationally renowned Oktoberfest, a celebration held every October in Germany.

To mark the Oktoberfest celebrations, a contest titled "Tresor-Knakcker" was held for TAC prep class students within Minticity, an interactive portal for German language education. The portal is designed by DAS Akademie, a leading institution in the field of German education based in Berlin and Izmir. At the end of the online competition, all students were awarded Mintos Points. TAC’s prep students who take German had a lot of fun while gaining important insights while responding to various questions about German language and culture.

Turkish University Counseling Activities

As Tarsus American College, we continue to support our students on their journey of university preparation. Mr. İlker Kaba, Turkish Universities Counselor, was the guest at the homeroom period of 10th graders to talk to students about their Turkish university preparation and the YKS exam. The students had the opportunity to ask questions and to share their requests and suggestions.

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Our IB Brochure is updated

Click on the image for the updated IB Brochure. (only in Turkish)

Counseling Services Handbook is updated

Please click on the image below for the updated Counseling Handbook.

Weekly YKS Bulletin

Because of the exam week, YKS activities were suspended this week.

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