Period 3-Destiny D. and Luke

Scorpius and Orion

Scorpio was sent by Gaia to kill Orion because she felt that he was killing too many animals. When Orion and Scorpio killed each other Zeus maintained peace in the sky by placing the hunter in the winter sky and the beast in the summer, so that the two enemies would never see each other.


Scorpius has 18 main stars, of those 18 stars Antares is the brightest. At the end of Scorpius' tail you may notice two stars close together. Those stars are called λ Sco and υ Sco, and are sometimes called the Cat's Eyes.


Near the beginning of March Scorpius begins to appear. Then by the start of May it is fully visible. In August Scorpio begins to fade away. At the end of August it has completely disappeared.