Hydropower Energy

Chase Kamryn Kyndel and Ben

How to use Hydropower Energy?

Water runs through the dam and it turns the turbines and the power produced goes to a generator and is sent to whatever you want to power.

How much will it cost for you to use hydropower?

For the one I found it was 750 dollars.

Why is hydropower the best?

Because it uses a waterflow to create power it doesnt pollute the air.

Where is Hydropower used?

It can be used as fuel in cars. Its can also be used to power houses or citys.

Where could they use it near us?

They could build water wheels in the Dan river to generate power in the mountains. Also if they made a dam in the Mississippi river it could generate loads of electricity.

How it affects wildlife?

Fish could get caught up or injured by the machine. Also it takes up space where animals could have drank or lived.
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Map of the usa

Fox River in Wisconsin



New York

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This is the Dan river where hydropower is used in North Carolina