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eLA: Online Resources for Supporting Literacy in the Classroom and Beyond (4 Credit Hours)

This course will cover way to use ebooks and other online literature resource to support Common Core ELA Shifts. Topics include:

* Introduction to Readability Ratings for the Common Core

* Introduction to eReaders and eBook Formats

* Resources for Finding eBooks

* Online Book Log Programs - Motivating Readers

* Resources for Creating eBooks

Click here to register for the January-February 2015, late registration MAY be available Contact mkovach@e1b.org

Course 2: Wake Up, Power UP: Why educators and parents need to pay attention to video games NOW! (4 Credit Hours)

Video Games are a 10.5 Billion Dollar industry and growing. The stereotypical profile of the young "gamer" no longer applies as gamers come from all age levels and genders. What's more, gaming is evolving to include an amazing array of rich media and content. So what exactly is gaming? Who are gamers? What is Gamification? Where does education fit in? This online course will answer those questions, as well as, provide educators with resources, ideas, and strategies for using games effectively while keeping up to date on the ever changing landscape of games and gamification.

This course will be worth 4 credit hours Click here to register for this course. January February 2015

Course 3: Beginning Twitter for the Educators (2 Credit Hours)

People all over the world are using Twitter to connect and share resources. It is time to become part of the “tweeting” world. This online course will facilitate the participant’s exploration of Twitter and its potential use in the educational setting.

Click here to register for this course. March 2015

Course 4: The Flipped Classroom (3 Credit Hours)

The Flipped Classroom uses traditional lecture format intertwined with instructional technology and differentiated instruction. Find out the basics of what a flipped classroom is, and how to connect with other teachers who are already flipping. This course will be worth 3 credit hours, and will be offered twice.

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Course 5: Arts Across the Content Areas (4 Credit Hours)

This course will discuss the ways in which the visual and performing arts can incorporate ELA, Science, Technology, Math, and Social Studies, and ways in which those content areas can incorporate the Arts. Arts integration in Common Core standards will be stressed, as well as what STEAM is and how the "A" is essential.

Click here to register for this course. May-June 2015

Course 6: Mindset Book Study (8 hour credit)

Mindset is "an established set of attitudes held by someone," says the Oxford American Dictionary. It turns out, however, that a set of attitudes needn't be so set, according to Dweck, professor of psychology at Stanford. Dweck proposes that everyone has either a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. Come explore your mindset with your peers with discussions and activities exploring the book.

Click here to register for this Course. Course Begins in March 20th.

Gauranteed to be relevant and Fun!