Sexism in Schools

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What does Sexism mean?

Sexism is a prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex

How can we prevent Sexism in school from happening?

There are many ways to stop Sexism in schools. Here are a couple, If you are suffering from Sexism, tell a teacher or principle and let them deal with it. Teachers/Principles can give the person that is being sexist a detention for the whole school year, suspension or expel from them to understand.

About the Article

This article tells us how girls have become more and more weaker after being discriminated by their sex. How the girls get abused and harassed at school by boys.

About the Article

This article is about how students are angry about Sexism in Schools and shows how girls get uncomfortable when guys stare, whistle, make sexual taunts and jokes about them. Etc.

The Survey

In 704,706,707,709,710, the whole class believes that Sexism exists in schools, and In 704, 10 people has suffered from Sexism. In 707, 5 people have suffered from Sexism, In 710, 8 people have suffered from Sexism


This man was interviewing this girl, she told him her story and he felt very bad for her and got emotional. She was getting bullied because of her sex. The boy kept telling her that she is not capaible of doing this or doing that. Everyone was just standing and laughing at her. She told him she wanted to commit suicide. Her friends told her don't worry they will stop. Yet they didn't stop, they kept on making fun of them but her friends stood up for them. She told the teacher and principal and then it got dirty. The principle expel the bullies and the girl didn't worry about getting bullied by them.
True Life Sexism in Schools Parody
Sexist Segregation in Alabama School

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