Jay and shepard

Origin of Limericks

While nobody is sure where they came from exactly, some believe that they came from France during the middle ages.

What is a Limerick

A limerick is a funny poem of 5 lines that goes in a pattern of aabba

Personal Examples


I once went to Wal-mart

And I saw Paul Blart

He was so fat

So I beat him with a bat

Now he lives in a shopping cart


I once had a bun

That was as big as a gun

in went to the trash

And it got smashed

Now its no longer fun

Mole in the hole

One time I dug a hole

Then I saw a mole

It tried to run away

But jumped into the fray

Unfortunately he stayed in the hole

Imaginary Cloud

I once saw a cloud

That looked pretty loud

It told me to leave

So I threw it a cleave

The it spoke aloud


I once was in bed

Then I saw some led

It looked really gray

And sorry to say

It wasn't really led