Personalized Learning Update

September 25, 2015

Launch School Update

Thanks to those who provided feedback about the frequency and format of my communication to you. In response, we will be working diligently over the course of the next week to send individual Outlook calendar appointments to school principals for all of your meetings and due dates. PLEASE accept these appointments.

Once these calendar invitations have gone out, this weekly communication will transition to bi-weekly frequency, and contain Fulton specific updates/examples and resources to support your schools.

Iteration is the name of the game, and I will continue to do my best to meet your needs moving forward.



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LAUNCH: Upcoming Events

Launch School Student Advocate Training

Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 9am to Friday, Oct. 9th, 3pm

5340 South Trimble Road

Atlanta, GA

WHO:10 students from Holcomb Bridge, Crabapple, Ridgeview Charter, and Ronald E. McNair MS.

Students must bring their lunch or may purchase a lunch at Ridgeview on Wed. & Thurs. iSchool will provide a celebratory Pizza lunch on Friday.

Transportation is provided by parents or arranged by student’s home school.

  • If students did not complete the online application, please send student t-shirt sizes to Marcia.

  • Please be sure that all students have signed media release at their school, or let Marcia Jenkins Green know of students who do not have a media release.

MDC Design Day 2

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 8:30am-3pm

450 Northridge Parkway

Atlanta, GA

New North Learning Center: Room 209

Design Day 2 Workshop

o Be sure to take photos of your prototype as you’ll be sharing 2-3 slides at the Workshop that share the story of your prototype.

Plan for your full design team to attend this event. You will receive a full agenda of the day on 10/8. Samir will be scheduling school walkthroughs again to see your prototypes in action. The focus will be on school wide visioning and organizational design.

Important Updates from Kathy


· Prepare for launching your prototype in the classroom (launch by 10/15). Prepare to test your prototype in the classroom. This might include setting up lesson playlists, creating student software accounts, reorganizing your class, etc. You will be sharing your lessons learned on 10/27.

o Be sure to take photos and save artifacts from your prototype as you’ll be sharing 2-3 slides at the lessons learned Workshop that tell the story of your prototype.

o Share the MDC created iPad Classroom Quickstart Guide , written for classroom teachers, with other teachers in your school who may be wondering what to do with the iPad in their classroom.

o The week prior to the workshop, a Prototype survey link will be sent from Samir.

1:1 Rollout Plans:

· Coordinate dates for Parents’ letter and student rollout dates with FC’s Farah Jetha. Farah will coordinate with Apple, AirWatch, and district network staff to ensure you have the right people at your school to ensure a successful rollout.

· Refer to the Personalized Learning Toolkit as you plan your 1:1 rollout. Linked above.The Toolkit provides links to planning information, permission forms, the GROM video, and other resources.

---------GENERAL RESOURCES------------

Public Personalized Learning Dashboard

Personalized Learning Dashboard

In response to community requests, we have created a dashboard to show where each school is in the process to roll out personalized learning and student devices. Our goal is to provide this information, while also emphasizing that each school is in a different roll out group and is exactly where they should be right now. This will be updated weekly and is based on the attached “checklist” some of you in early groups have seen.

If you have questions or feedback on how we can make the website and dashboard useful communications tools for you please contact

Caitlin Day-Lewis (470-254-6790 or

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