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October 2013

YOU did AMAZING things in October!! Whether you took action for the first time and made attempts at booking shows or sponsoring, sold one bracelet, qualified at $500, hit your $2308, sponsored 1, sponsored 4 or blew it out of the park - all I know is you were ON FIRE this month and many of you "beat your best"! Lots of you made a big dent in your "Wrap Up The Season" goal (and we still have 2 more months!). Your Sales & Sponsoring and most importantly "S&D spirit" were simply inspiring!! Way to go ladies!! A FEW AMAZING OCTOBER STATS FOR YOU!

- Our team sold a total of $295,179 retail (lines 1-4) - in 1 month - wow!

- We added (54) new team members (lines 1-4) to our fantastic team!!

October Promotions!

Willow Wright (VA)-- Senior Stylist

Ellen Pattisall (VA) -- Senior Stylist

Aggie Ingold (NC) -- Senior Stylist

Danielle Gardner (NC) -- Senior Stylist

Briana Eckles (GA) -- Senior Stylist

Katherine Laskey (NC) -- Lead Stylist

Jennifer Almendarez (CA) -- Lead Stylist

Morgan Rutherford (NC) -- Lead Stylist

Amy McGuire (GA) -- Lead Stylist

Shaye Swanson (VA) -- Lead Stylist

Erin Burnett (GA) -- Lead Stylist

Katherine Smyth (NC) -- Lead Stylist

Marisa Maughan (CA) -- Lead Stylist

Kristin Hennessy (NC) -- Lead Stylist


Look at these SALES!

1 Lauren Sigler VA 11633.25

2 Caroline Hester GA 11054.99

3 Lauren Lewis NC 8665.46

4 Briana Eckles GA 8187.25

5 Jennifer Cullen NC 8140.35

6 Willow Wright VA 7568.61

7 Erin Perkins VA 6726.5

8 Teresa Howard GA 6549.25

9 Hope Cole GA 5308.77

10 Tara McCabe VA 5174.5

11 Lawren Bagley NC 5172.55

12 Katherine Smyth NC 4749

13 Catherine Stewart VA 4472.3

14 Samantha Carter CA 4434.25

15 Katherine Laskey NC 4132.5

16 Kristin Hennessy NC 3979

17 Sindhu Blume MD 3848.7

18 Jennifer Beck NC 3805.25

19 Rebecca Kirkpatrick GA 3604.67

20 Sara Archer AL 3322.5


# New Stylists Sponsored and Qualified (achieved $500 in retail sales)

Lauren Sigler 3

Sarah Shuping 2

Caroline Hester 1

Lauren Lewis 1

Hope Cole 1

Aggie Ingold 1

Danielle Gardner 1

Willow Wright 1

Jennifer Almendarez 1

Marisa Maughan 1

Katherine Smyth 1

Morgan Rutherford 1

Erin Burnett 1

Lauren Lovelady 1

Training Opportunities this week!!

** It’s a Booking Blitz Week!
Would you like to have two extra Trunk Shows on your calendar? If you answered YES then plan on participating in one of your Home Office led Booking Blitzes this week! Stylists who participate in Booking Blitzes book an average of two additional Trunk Shows during the Blitz. Your National Field Development Coach, Meg Galletti, will kick off the Blitz by sharing how you can use the November promotions and Words To Say to fill your calendar with bookings this month and next. Then you will take those tips and make booking calls for the next hour, and while you're calling you'll receive tons of support from your peers on your Regional FB page. To make your time even more productive, plan on warming up your contacts with a personal note and Mini Look Book before the Blitz!

- Tuesday, November 5th at 2pmPT/4pmCT/5pmET
Register here! https://cc.callinfo.com/cc/s/registrations/new?cid=1u34zvmoan2go

** Tips from the Top Monthly Success Call w/ VP of Training, Danielle Redner
Tuesday, November 5th - 10amPT/12pmCT/1pmET
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 6977091#
November is here, the holiday season is here and there are so many exciting updates to share with your customers, Hostesses and potential team members! Mark your calendar for November’s Success Call with VP of Training, Danielle Redner to hear tips on how to use the November Words To Say to increase your earnings and productivity and successfully Wrap Up the Season!

** Sponsoring Webinar with VP of Training, Danielle Redner
Wednesday, November 6th - 9amPT/11amCT/12pmET
Dial: 800-747-5150 Access: 7660795#
Click here to watch: https://cc.callinfo.com/r/1amq0hg6mikna&eom
Note: You will need to dial-in for audio and click this link to watch the presentation.
Join your very own VP of Training, Danielle Redner, for a special webinar focused exclusively on growing your teams this holiday season. Danielle will share her 5 easy steps to sponsoring which anyone can follow. The holiday season is a great time to sponsor, tune into this webinar to learn how!

** Deep Dive Training featuring Associate Director, Missy Bryan
Wednesday, November 6th - 10amPT/12pmCT/1pmET
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 6977091#
The holiday season is officially upon us! Join our Deep Dive Training call on Wednesday to hear how Associate Director, Missy Bryan, achieved top 10 in sales last November. Missy will share her 4 simple ways she maximizes her sales during this busy time of year.

** Opportunity Call
Thursday, November 7th - 12pmPT/2pmCT/3pmET
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 8510587#
Mark your calendars and share this event with your prospective Stylists to get on the line with VP of Training, Danielle Redner and Director, Amelia Keely as they discuss the Stella & Dot opportunity, why now is the perfect time to start a new business, and tips on the best way to get started. Your guests will also have the opportunity to ask Danielle and Amelia any questions they may have about the business. This is a “must do” for anyone who may be on the fence about the opportunity

November Booking Tools!





Don't miss out on the Wrap Up the Season Challenge!!

3-month selling & sponsoring incentive where you earn Spring Hostess Exclusive items to help you book, a mini iPad and free product credit for spring samples to help you sell – and even an invite to a VIP Champagne toast at Jessica’s house during Directors Retreat for fun and inspiration heading into the New Year! https://wrap-up-the-season.squarespace.com/welcome/


Now is the time to take action and take full advantage of Q4!! Did you know that when I looked at my commissions last year, that almost 40% of it came from Oct, Nov, Dec?! Let's get excited!! 2 more of the best selling months of the year are upon us! Here we come November!! Let's continue TAKING ACTION to get to where we want to be!

Thanks for all you do! Please know I am here to help each and every one of you reach your own personal goal. Feel free to email/message me at any time.



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