Tanzania Water Crisis

Tanzania is suffering from contaminated water

Water in Tanzania is contaminated

By: Hessey Calixte

In Tanzania, families are forced to drink, bathe, and wash their clothes in dirty contaminated water. People found this out in 2003. Ever since then they were trying to fix this problem with small success

The water is contaminated by human waste. The water sources are not clean.

Women and children have to walk several hours to get dirty contaminated water. Also they have to carry 5 gallons of water in jerry cans. Since getting water takes so long that they don’t have time to do anything else this takes up all of their energy. There’s no point in doing this because the water is contaminated anyway. It will make make everything worse for Tanzania. Children are dying from diarrhoeal diseases, or they are just very sick and can’t go to school.


Everyone in Tanzania can’t get a clean source of water

Finding a solution to making clean water is most important, but you have to find a way to get it to everyone. In Tanzania there are water pumps to provide the clean water to everyone. That’s only in certain areas and cities. Most of those water pumps are broken and unusable. 23 million people in Tanzania are without clean water. There has to be a solution to get water to everyone in Tanzania.


People are Helping

There are some people who found out a way to get clean water.

Chemical Engineer Askwar Hilonga found a way to make this water clean using nanotechnology and sand to filter water. It’s been very helpful to the people who live around him or live in cities around him. He hoped that his invention would help 70% of households without clean healthy drinkable water. Askwar Hilonga told BBC about this and U.K Royal Academy of Engineering helped him with this invention. There is a also a company called Sky Water who collect water from fog or rain. They use a material called mesh and it collects moisture from fog. Once they collect this water it flows down a visible pipe and then goes into a huge containers. Or they simply collect rain water and put it in the containers. The containers are brought to villages so the children could drink it.


The future with clean water is bright for Tanzania

Many people are willing to help the Tanzanians solve their water crisis

There’s multiple websites with organizations such as The Water Project ,that collect donations to help send clean water to Tanzania. This organization and many others are helping provide clean water as other organizations and researchers are developing ways and ideas to clean the water that’s already in Tanzania. Also some donation websites say that they will provide toilets and bathing water. For example, Askwar Hilonga, from UK's Royal Academy of Engineering invented a way to clean the water. His invention used sand and nanotechnology to clean the water. Also some donation websites say that they will provide toilets and bathing water.

Many, many people are willing to help and these are the ways to do this.


Tanzanian Sky Water