Life and Family Services - Apple Dumpling Booth & Baking Ctr

Friends of Life and Family Services:

Apple Festival is just around the corner and we are in great need of volunteers to lend their hands in service to help with baking, packaging, transporting, and selling the 8,339 dumplings that have been made.

Do you have 3 hours to share on October 5 and/or 6? It takes approximately 28 people per hour to make this happen. Yes, that is a lot of people but many hands make light work.

Shifts are as follows:

Baking Center @ Event Center (16 people/hour needed)


6am - 9am

9am - 12pm



6am - 9am

9am - 12pm



Festival Booth (12 people/hour needed)

Saturday & Sunday

7am - 10am

8am - 11am

9am - 12pm

10am - 1pm

11am - 2pm

12pm - 3pm

1pm - 4pm

2pm - 5pm or 6pm

3pm - 6pm

4pm - 6pm

If the shifts above are not convenient for you please ask and I’m sure we can accommodate your schedule.

Please check your calendar and let us know when you are available to help.

Please reply to this email or call or text our office at 260-347-5720

Or you can call or text Deanna’s cell at 260-349-8158

Prayers needed!

Deanna Rodenbeck

Please consider lending your hands in service!