Pacific Madrone

Arbutus menziesii


It's a dicot. this is because it has veins on the leaves that are horizontal instead of vertical. Interesting facts: it's berries can be used to make cider. water needs: very little water is needed. Native location: Washington, Oregon, California. Location: Science parking lot. Extraordinary stuff: the berries were used even to make necklaces. Life cycle: it doesn't flower, but the leaves are healthy until autumn.

ID characteristics

The leaf is oblong. The leaves stay green all though summer and spring. It's 40-120 feet tall and is related to the manzineta bush. The bark crumples like paper. The tree looks the same--unless it's winter. There aren't any flowers but there are small berries on this tree, though. There are no uses for the pacific madrone, except good firewood. It is produced through seeds, inside its berries.