Drug & Substance Use And Abuse- LSD

By: Maha Siddique 6J

The Truth About LSD

LSD is one of the most mood changing chemicals. With the use of LSD, comes many long term and short term effects. LSD is a very powerful hallucinogen and is produced in a crystalline form. The use of LSD can become very serious. LSD is colorless, odorless, however, it has a slightly bitter taste. LSD users are usually very moody, as they are unable to sort out their emotions. Their ability to make sensible choices and to detect common dangers is impaired, and causes them to not really be living in reality. LSD is a very scary drug and with the use of it comes many severe consequences.

How Is LSD Taken?

Under The Influence Of LSD

The effect of LSD is described as a "trip" because the experience lasts as long as 8-12 hours. When someone is on LSD, they hallucinate and the drugs takes them beyond reality, and back again. A "trip" is when you sense more, think more, and you feel more. The effect that LSD has on everyone varies. Some changes in the body are dilated pupils, blurred vision, and feeling drowsy, but not sleepy. Dilated pupils is when the pupil of your eye--which is the black part--becomes big, almost the size of the cornea--which is the colored part. Some long term LSD users may experience critical and frightening thoughts of fear of losing control, insanity, and death.

Another effect that LSD has on a person is visual. Colors will seem much stronger and brighter, and lights will also feel extremely bright. Sometimes, when objects are stable they may seem like they are moving around by themselves or they are surrounded by lights. LSD users see a lot of different colors, patterns, and shapes around them.

One of the most scariest long term side effects is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a very serious brain illness. It is when someone hears voices in their head but there isn't anyone there in reality. People who suffer from schizophrenia may feel like everyone in the world is out to get them. Sometimes when they talk it doesn't make any sense. Schizophrenia is a very deadly and extremely scary condition.

In The Future...

When we grow older, we grow much wiser. And we meet many new people. Some are good, some are bad. Make sure you lead yourself into a bright future. Drugs have no value. They make you feel happy for a certain time span--and then it's all gone. It's not worth getting addicted and ruining your whole life ahead. In the future, when someone offers you anything, that you aren't aware of, and you are doubting it; say no. Be smart. Is this how you want to live for the rest of your life? Do you want to stay trapped forever in a room where you cant get away from a drug/substance after using it a couple times? It's an addiction.

And it's not worth it.