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Pikesville High School Newsletter | October 2017

From the Principal's Desk

Greetings Pikesville High Family,

It was a sincere pleasure seeing you at our recent school-sponsored events, including the outstanding Back-to-School Night and Powder Puff Football game.

Our caring staff has begun their mission of investing in students and both energizing and equipping them with lifelong skills that will be to their benefit here at PHS, and beyond. Our high expectations, coupled with more rigorous standards, necessitate learner-centered, engaging, and cognitively challenging instruction to accomplish our goal of providing an enriching academic experience for ALL of our students.

We are ambitiously focused on deepening the knowledge of students’ skills, interests, and needs. This drives their instructional programs in an attempt to close any discernible achievement gaps and stimulate high-achieving students to new heights. Our staff is also incorporating research-tested “effective practices,” involving themselves in school-improvement committees and professional-learning communities, in addition to providing individualized tutoring during pre-scheduled coach class, sponsoring extracurricular activities, field trips, and other supplemental opportunities with students.

By now, you have received your child’s first quarter interim. We strongly encourage you to be vigilant with the monitoring of your child’s work, effort, and academic experience this year via BCPSOne. Teachers, school counselors, and administrators are a mere email or phone call away. The first quarter ends on November 3rd and report cards will be distributed on Thursday, November 16th.

PHS Progress Plan

We have shared that our goal is to have students exhibit increasingly more effective in the life-long skills of critical thinking, reading, writing, speaking, interpersonal relations, use of technology, and organization. This year, we are working to ensure that our students have more deliberate and explicit time to interact with text. We have instituted “SIT for LIT” which is a bi-monthly initiative that affords students the opportunity to appreciate reading of their choosing for periods of designated time during the school day. They have the option to bring their own book or choose from a wide-array of e-books currently at their disposal. We encourage our teachers and you, our important stakeholder, to model recreational reading as a regular and integral part of your lifestyle that students can emulate. Also, to promote literacy and more sophisticated communication on the part of our young adults, we have instituted a PHS WORD OF THE DAY. This initiative daily exposes students to words deemed essential for high schoolers. They are defined, posted, shared in the proper context, and utilized across contents, for the good of students.


Our school master calendar continues to exhibit many exciting events for this year! Students will have the opportunity to attend the wide array of events that have been designed with them in mind. This is done to further stimulate students’ participation in the school and address their diverse interests. We hope students will feel connected and positively contribute to the vast assortment of clubs/organizations geared at making them well rounded and actively engaged. On Friday, November 17th, we will host our Straight A’s Breakfast for students who have achieved mastery in every single discipline. Parents/family members will be invited to be in attendance for this celebratory event.


Our favorite time to enthusiastically showcase all we do here at PHS on a regular basis for students is soon coming!! American Education Week will take place the week of November 13th. Whether for a brief visit, or the entire day, we are eager to host you as you spend time visiting your child’s classes experiencing, first-hand, the teaching and learning that is transpiring at our wonderful school.


We are determined to provide a safe teaching and learning environment for staff and students at PHS. We have organized a comprehensive safety plan and are regularly rehearsing varied scenarios, via drills, including severe weather conditions, emergency evacuations, and more appropriate lockdowns. We must be in possession of updated emergency information and your most current cell/home/work phone numbers so that we can access you in the event of an unforeseen situation. As always, please ensure that you have your proper identification each time you come to the school, as this is required for our countywide Raptor system. Thanks for your understanding and adherence to these important requests.


On a personal note, I remain so very appreciative and overwhelmed of the continued outpouring of kind sentiments expressed as I embarked on my role of MD Principal of the Year. Late last month, I accepted the recognition in DC, not for me, but on behalf of the entire PHS Community. This award symbolizes the collective work we have been able to accomplish to allow our school to becoming increasingly more impactful in meeting the needs of our most prized treasures- our youth.

I was honored to meet with our Senators Cardin and Van Hollen on Capitol Hill to discuss issues and topics that are germane to our school. It was an excellent opportunity to garner their continued support of the important work being done in education both on the state and national levels.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and commitment in changing our school for the better. We would not be as successful as we are without your valuable support and service. We look forward to seeing you soon at PHS- Home of Panther Pride Honor and Success.

Yours in Education,

Sandra G. Reid

Important Dates to Remember

October 11 PSAT

October 11 Panther Prep Day | Click for flyer HERE

October 11 Northwest Area Education Council Meeting/PreBudget Hearing (see flyer below)

October 12 End of First Quarter

October 20 Schools Closed

October 21 PHS Taping of It's Academic

October 23-24 Underclassman Portraits

October 25 POPS Concert 2:15pm

October 26 Last day to order '18 Yearbook before price increase

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Spirit Wear Order Form

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News from the English Department

Students are working hard in English classes to improve reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. All students are participating in Project 520, a daily SAT critical reading activity to support text stamina and vocabulary development. Students are encouraged to read each night at home to continue to improve literacy skills. Feel free to ask students questions about their assigned text. If you are interested in reading the unit text at home with your child, please email Erin Haroth at to obtain a copy of the text.


Ms. Haroth

Visual Arts

Hello and Welcome Back from the Visual Arts Department! Mr. Jake Barnhart and I are pleased to have an expanded program that offers a Clay and Sculpture course, as well as the expansion of our AP Studio and Photography programs. We look forward to another amazing and productive year in the visual arts.

All students taking Visual Arts course will have a lab fee to accommodate sketchbooks and materials unique to each course. Each student has a suggested fee for the success of their visual arts school year.

Fundamentals of Art $10.00 Lab Fee, required sketchbook included in fee and advanced drawing materials.

Intermediate Gt $20.00 Lab Fee, required sketchbook included in fee and advanced Painting and Drawing materials.

Clay I/II $20.00 Lab Fee required for Clay I and a $10.00 Lab fee required for Clay II.

AP Studio $20.00 Lab Fee required sketchbook included in fee. ALL other College Board exam fees and costs not included. . Please see Mr. Goldman for any accommodations provided by College Board for Exam Fees.

AP Photo $20.00 Lab Fee required sketchbook included in fee. Flash Drive highly recommended.

ALL other College Board exam fees and printing costs are not included. Please see Mr. Goldman for any accommodations provided by College Board for Exam Fees.

All sketchbooks are pre-ordered and available the first day of school for your convenience. If you purchase your own sketchbook, please see Ms. Hall for the type required for each course in the arts. Cash or check written to Pikesville High School are accepted.

Please contact Mrs. Hall at for any concerns or questions. Have a wonderful end to your summer and a new beginning at PHS!

Performing Arts News

Music Department Info

Welcome back everyone! Music groups have a few weeks of rehearsals under their belts and we are well on our way to another exciting and musically fulfilling school year. Please remember if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Wilson at

Music Department Calendar

10/14 All Honors Auditions @ Cockeysville MS

10/23 Fruit Sale Fundraiser Begins

10/25 Pops Concert for all Performing Groups 7:30PM - Auditorium

11/11 All-State Junior Group Auditions

11/13 Baltimore Honors Group Concert @ Morgan State Univ. 7:30PM

11/18 All-State Senior Group Auditions

11/20 Fundraiser Ends

11/21 Tri-M Induction Ceremony & Recital 7:30PM – M2 & Library

(Note that students will receive a more complete performance calendar at the start of school, the above information is provided for planning purpose only.)


One of my hopes for the year is to revitalize the Music Boosters organization. Over the years membership and donations to Music Boosters have sponsored guest conductors, artists-in-residence, instrument purchases and repairs, field trips, scholarships, community performances, and the Musical Awards Banquet.

Please fill it out our membership form and return it to your child's music teacher, or mail it to:

PHS Music Department

c/o Tedd Wilson

7621 Labyrinth Rd.

Baltimore, Maryland 21208

If you have any questions or suggestions about how to best support the music programs at Pikesville High School, please contact me by email at Thank you and I look forward to very success and productive school year!

Social Studies

All Seniors who qualified for the Government HSA Bridge Project have received an agreement form that needs to be signed and turned in ASAP. Bridge Projects will be completed electronically and only during school hours with Mr. Parsons or Mrs. Baikauskas. Please be aware that announcements, letters home, and BCPSOne Messages will be sent out to communicate any important updates. Feel free to email Mr. Parsons ( if you have any questions.

Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores who still need to pass their H.S.A. Government Exam can join Mr. Parsons in room 123 from 2:15-4:00pm for a review session. Four sessions will be held to review content, offer test-taking tips, and key vocabulary to prepare for the upcoming January H.S.A. Exam.

REVIEW SESSION DATES: For students who need to retake the H.S.A. Government Exam ONLY

Wednesday, September 27th from 2:15-4:00 in room 123

Wednesday, October 25th from 2:15-4:00 in room 123

Wednesday, November 29th from 2:15-4:00 in room 123

Wednesday, December 20th 2:15-4:00 in room 123

The Social Studies' Forensics Club will soon be seeking ninth graders to participate in this school year's Model Congress. This legislative body committee simulation helps to improve students' bill-writing, debate skills, and speech preparation/delivery. Recruitment will take place in the next month. For questions, contact Mr. Goodman at

Students in Ms. Baikauskas’ US History classes investigated the contemporary issue of tearing down confederate monuments within their Reconstruction Unit. After an analysis of opposing viewpoint and a progressive “World Café” discussion, students created protest signs and rationales indicating their own view on the issue.

During Ms. Baikauskas’ EPI 4A class, ten students helped Ms. Smid’s class run a simulation on market structures, role playing as producers and consumers in both the factor and product market.

In Foundations of Homeland Security, students will be investigating and questioning characters played by student actors. As agents of the Dept. of Homeland Security, the class will have to label and determine the type of character each student is playing. This will be our first major assessment.

In World History we will continue to develop our reading and writing endurance as we compare and debate historical investigations. Reading, writing, and debates will enhance our ability to utilize evidence to support our claims! An electronic OneNote resource will be coming soon for all students to use in World History- check BCPSOne Messages from Mr. Parsons.

In Human Geography, students are being asked to complete a current event assignment every other week. Additionally, the students will have one major project due at the end of each unit. This project is based on the country each student selected and the application of ideas, vocabulary, content learned during each unit. Please continue to use the OneNote as a resource when studying and preparing for Major/Minor Assessments.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR- the AP Human Geography Collegeboard Exam is currently scheduled for Friday, May 18th @ 8:00am. More details to come.

In Mr. Lambert’s American Government, students have been analyzing systems of government and the purposes of government in order to create and justify specific governmental structures. In Mr. Lambert’s AP Government, students will be conducting their first seminar of the year today and on Monday they will be discussing Constitutional Democracy. In AP World History, a OneNote has been created to share additional study materials to assist students with their study in AP World History and to help them to review for tests and quizzes.

In Mr. Smith’s United States History class, students will soon be taking a Unit Test on the Reconstruction period, so look for the study guide that students will be receiving to help them to study.

Students should bookmark the link to the OneNote so that they can return throughout the year, as new materials will be added for later units of study. I look forward to meeting you at Back to School Night on Thursday, September 28th!

Stephen Parsons

Social Studies Department Chair

It's Academic!

The It's Academic Team is preparing for its television taping on Saturday, October 21st. We are still seeking any students interested in joining our trivia team. No try-outs necessary. Please contact Mr. Goodman ( with any questions.


With a focus on literacy this year, PHS is excited to initiate “SIT for LIT.” Sit for Lit sessions are planned times when teachers will allow their students to read independently, something of their choice, for twenty minutes. We have Sit for Lit times scheduled twice a month through June. Students will be able to bring in a book or article from home, borrow one from the school library, or select from the 357 eBooks in our school’s Destiny catalog. Instructions for how to access eBooks in our Collections can be found here:

We encourage parents to read with students at home or designate group reading times. BCPS is pleased to announce that parents are also able check out materials from their child’s school library. Let’s make reading a family affair! Click on the following link to access the application and return it to Mrs. Meltzer, Media Specialist:

The Black Eyed Susan (BES) Book Club is in full swing!!! Students have selected Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin as the first title to read this year. Students who have read three (3) out of the ten nominated titles by April 25 are eligible to vote for the winner of the High School category. For more information on the BES book award and to see the full list of this year’s nominees, please visit:

If you would like to donate any of the titles on the list or money to purchase those titles, the book club would be greatly appreciative! Please bring books to the Learning Commons (our school library) and/or make checks payable to PHS. Thanks in advance for your donations and support of our literacy initiatives at our School of Excellence.

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Please click on the links below for important test information and dates.

PSAT (Wednesday October 11)

PSAT info flyer

SAT/PSAT/ACT testing dates and information

School Counseling Department

Pikesville High School


Twitter: @PHSCouns

Yearbook News

If your child ordered a 2017 yearbook and did not receive it, it can be picked up in Room 128. If you did not order a 2017 yearbook and would like to purchase one, there are still a few available for $68.90.

3 ways to order your 2018 yearbook. Order by October 27 before a price increase!

  1. Order Online at Search for Pikesville High School.
  2. Order by phone: 1-877-767-5217.
  3. Order by Mail: forms available in Room 128.


For more information on how to submit yearbook photos and yearbook portraits, click HERE.

Buy a Yearbook Ad

Attention Parents of Seniors & Local Business Owners

Consider recognizing your graduating senior with a recognition (baby) ad in the 2018 yearbook. Order forms were mailed to all senior households during September. If you did not receive a form in the mail, there is a link to download a form HERE. If you own local business, please consider placing an ad in our yearbook.

The Health Suite


The Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services will host its annual Super Saturday flu vaccinations clinics to the public on Saturday, October 21, 2017, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the following locations: Drumcastle Government Center, Dundalk Middle School, Hereford Middle School, Lansdowne Middle School, Liberty Family Resource Center, Middle River Middle School, and Pikesville Middle School. Everyone six months and older is encouraged to get a free flu shot (injectable only) during this one-day clinic. The vaccines will be administered on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last. No appointment is needed. More information about the vaccinations can be found at The Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services Web site. Flu shots are also available at numerous private pharmacies (e.g., CVS, Target, Giant, Rite Aid, etc.) at no cost to employees who are covered by the CIGNA health insurance plan. Employees covered by Kaiser Permanente may go to any Kaiser center for the flu shot at no cost.

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Important Policy Reminders

School Attendance

Pikesville High is continually striving to improve its excellent attendance rate. This is one of our school progress goals this year because we know that students who attend school regularly have a better chance to achieve. Research shows that schools with high attendance rates are higher performing schools.

What do I do if my child is absent?

Please be aware that when your child is absent, you are required to send a written note to the homeroom teacher explaining the reason for the absence the day of your child’s return to school. In the event of a legal absence, students are required to make up any missing work in the time allotted them by the teachers in their particular classes.

Early Dismissal/School Visitors
When it is necessary for your child to be dismissed early from school, please send a note with your child the morning of the early dismissal. Have your child bring the note to the front office in the morning. He/she will be given a pass to give their teacher at dismissal time and then will meet you in the office. In order to pick up your child, you or a designated person must:

  1. Come in the building to sign your child out of the building.
  2. Provide proof of identification .

Thank you for understanding that the safety of all of our students is of the utmost importance to us!

Pikesville High School Vision

Pikesville High, the heartbeat of our culturally-diverse community, is where pride in our work, and honor for ourselves and others, combine to ensure success in cultivating our globally-competitive students.

About Us

Principal, Mrs. Sandra Reid

Assistant Principals

Grade 10 and P-Z grade 9 Mr. Robinson,

Grade 11 and A-F grade 9, Mrs. Seymour

Grade 12 and G-O grade 9, Mr. Carney

Other Important Numbers

Main Number: 410-887-1217

Guidance: 410-887-1219

Nurse: 410-484-4795

Athletic Director: 410-887-1257

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